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GDI Small Business Hub - for business owners

Our business hub provides a range of professional services for business owners. Saving you time by having access to many services in one place.


Knowledge and Experience

Our knowledge and experience will provide you with the solutions that will allow your business to grow, have success and provide you with peace of mind.

Allowing you to  ... SAVE TIME, REDUCE STRESS

  • Bookkeeping – recordkeeping, expenditures against budget, clients invoiced correctly, payroll is correct, making better.
  • Business Benchmark – your business, understand your industry, improving your bottom line, exceed your competition.
  • Cash Flow Management - manage your business cash flow, cash is really king.
  • Email Marketing Management – target messages to the right people at the right time, boot customer retention and increase revenue.
  • Instructional eLearning Design – allowing your employees and clients to learn anytime, any place.
  • Leadership Training – create and deliver an inspiring vision, motivate, inspire and coach others to reach that vision.
  • LEAN Management – implement automation of processes and workplace efficiencies.
  • Operations Management – maximise safety and operational efficiencies within your business
  • Social Media Management – let you business social, be a leader, not a follower.
  • Website Design – expand and grow your business with a dynamic visual online presence.

Your business solutions are with our business services!


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Comprehensive Financial Strategies

Bravien Financial Group was created to assist you in achieving financial security, independence and lifestyle - and the opportunity to secure the right money at the right time of your life. We have taken these core principles and integrated a very strong focus on values based advice. That is, determining what's right for you for the reasons that are important to you.

Fulfilling "your happy" is the number one goal of the firm and the mission of our advisers.

We believe in worrying about the things you can control. Love your family, follow your passions, earn to your potential, manage your tax, pay off your debts, and spend your money on the things that truly matter to you. The markets will always just be the markets. They go up and they go down...and they go up more than they go down.

We live 3 core values:

    1. Client #1 - ALWAYS
    2. Going the extra mile
    3. Teamwork

The success of the practice is attributed to our team's ability to understand your desires, talk your language and deliver to you advice that you can actually understand and implement. Dedicated client service and a strong ongoing advisory relationship with you back up our extremely high standard of initial engagement.

Bravien Financial Group is an award winning practice - ensuring that you receive the best possible advice and service:

National Winner | Financial Planning Association Best Practice Award

National Winner | Quality of Advice & Financial Planning Excellence Award

National Winner | Financial Planning Association Award for Pre-Retirement Planning

National Winner | Innovation & Financial Planning Excellence Award (3 times)

ACT Winner | Certified Financial Planner of the Year

Regional Winner | New Financial Adviser of the Year



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Christopher has many years of experience in Information Management and IT, supporting small businesses through to leading teams on multi-billion dollar oil and gas projects.  He holds a BSc with honours in Computer Science/Software Engineering with Business Studies.

Anglisc specialises in enabling small businesses to update and manage their information to effectively collaborate and communicate with suppliers, clients and potential customers.

We understand the importance of having your information accessible, available and secure.

We can help you with the following:

  • Setting up your business’ domain and webhosting.

  • Email, Calendar and Cloud Storage.

  • Data Security and Backup.

  • Computers and Hardware.

  • Data, Documents and Records Management.

  • General IT Consultancy.



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Whether you’re a first-time investor, leasing your family home or are looking to transfer your current management agreement, the Lot 42 Team are 100% dedicated to efficiently managing your investment and more importantly, their client feedback confirms they are delivering on their commitments.

As an investor myself, I understand that your investment property - or your home - is a valuable asset requiring expert care and attention, and entrusting myself and my team ensures you will receive the necessary experience and knowledge to provide you & your property with the comprehensive level of service required.

We are quickly building our success on our strong client relationships and genuine passion for property management: Everything we do is focused on ensuring your asset receives the highest possible return on investment, and that its value is preserved.

By being dedicated to building trusted and respectful relationships with our property owners and their tenants, implementing the latest systems and software, having very keen eyes for detail and employing a proactive property management team we allow you to truly relax, knowing your property is in experienced, caring hands.



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Hello, we’re Cinch.


We do so much more than just simple tax and compliance. We’re the fresh eyes and the voice of reason missing from your team. And, once we’re at your table, we’re here for the long run.

We have the advice, tools, strategies, and support you need to reach your goals – sooner. We’re also full of personality, pretty straight forward, and honest – we’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear to get to the next level – no fluff. And definitely – no jargon!

We combine our love of numbers with an obsession for real-time information and advice, solid planning and customer-first focus, and we align it with your goals and need for growth. Whether that’s personal or business growth – We’ll guide you, inspire you, and keep you on track.

We’re much more than your average, everyday tax accountant.
We’re accountants with an edge.

We’re lifestyle-focused strategists, and we ensure the best financial systems, technologies, and strategy are in place to help you get to your big picture.



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You’re here because of one or more of the following

• You want to grow your business but your current accountant doesn’t provide specialised service you need

• Your current accountant is a nice guy but you feel you are not getting value for money

• He/she has retired or moved on

• You are new to town and are looking for someone more local

• You are sick of not being able to get a hold of your current accountant when you need them

Changing accountants is relatively painless and the first step in the process is to look for a new one, you’ve come to the right place because we are here to help.