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Every day, somewhere in the world, a BFORB leader is helping a small to medium sized business become successful

BforB knows what it takes to succeed in business, in fact we have been HELPING BUSINESS GROW SINCE 2004
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Our franchise leaders come from diverse backgrounds but they all have one thing in common – a passion for driving business success through inspirational leadership, networking and strategic alliances.

BforB, worldwide has over 15 years experience of working in the business networking arena, and in that time have nurtured and guided franchisees to establish their own highly profitable businesses. Now we would like to offer this same exciting opportunity to you, by helping you build your own successful franchise business.

As well as our regular networking events, you as a franchisee and members of every group have the opportunity to participate in business exhibitions, social & charity events, to name a few.

Why choose BforB?

BforB offers a business opportunity to take control of your future and directly profit from your own success, a business with recurring income where you work flexible hours and have an opportunity to take regular holidays.

BforB looks for individuals and professionals who thrive at working in a business to business environment, who want to build a successful business through empowering others to grow and achieve their goals and are good at setting and achieving written goals and managing performance through KPIs.

Our most successful franchisees internationally have a very keen customer service mind set, and possess a determined attitude to succeed and take on challenges or opportunities that come their way.  They also like to network and understand the potential in connecting people!

Do you fit into any of these situations:

  • Already own your own business and want to diversify/expand to create another income stream and at the same time, expanding your own network? (Three of our current Franchisees own their own business and run BforB as a second business)
  • Exiting the workforce and looking for an opportunity to earn extra income?
  • A Full time or part time employee looking for extra income or to build a business to replace the current income? (One of our franchisees works full time as an employee, balancing his workload to grow a successful BforB business and at the same time, fulfil his work commitments)

BforB is a well-respected networking organisation, where members continue to renew their membership year after year to stay a part of this supportive and friendly environment. In fact, many of our franchisees internationally and here in Australia have been members who then liked the business so much they bought a franchise to help others to grow and expand!

Territories available

Become an Owner or Leader of one of these Territories
  1. Redlands Area
  2. Ipswich and Springfield Area
  3. Brisbane South West– Kenmore through to Upper Gravatt
  4. Logan Area
  5. Sunshine Coast – several areas available
  6. Queensland Regional Areas– Many areas available
  1. Melbourne CBD
  2. All areas of Melbourne and surrounding areas
  3. Victoria Regional Areas -Many areas available
  1. All areas of Sydney and surrounding areas
  2. Newcastle and Central Coast
  3. Other NSW Regional Areas
  • SA Regional Areas
  • We have opportunities to open in these states and territories on request.

Leaders step up program to franchisees

We also operate a program to assist our leaders to step up and purchase their franchise area, provided they meet all the requirements of a franchisee. This can be a lower risk option for both parties.


BforB business networking redcliffe north lakes noel botha
Noel and Leanne Botha
Redcliffe North Lakes Franchisee

I joined a networking group where I could feel at home and have fun. I found an opening and after a few months applied as the Local Director for BforB Redcliffe. I felt I could add value for BforB and its members and I could see the value BforB could offer me.

I enjoy working with people and have found BforB a refreshing and enjoyable experience. BforB offers structured fortnightly meetings, great relationships,  a CRM and phone application to keep track of our activities and qualified referrals.

It only takes a couple of hours of my time a week and allows me flexibility,  to follow other business ventures, including full or part time employment . Furthermore, BforB offers its Local Directors and Franchisees good back up and training, good rewards and great potential passive income.

Brisbane CBD, Fortitude Valley, Bowen Hills Franchisee – Brendan Felstead
Brendan Felstead
Brisbane CBD, Fortitude Valley, Bowen Hills Franchisee
Proud Member of Franchise Council of Australia

As a member of BforB, I liked that it was collaborative approach, if we want to try something we can, is innovative and open to new ideas, not this is the way it has always been and this is what it will always be. So I became an owner to help other businesses to grow.

The ability to build a supportive team underneath you as well as a supportive team around you and with the other franchisees, it makes sense for me to be part of it.

The excitement of the changes happening in BforB was enough for me to want to be a part of it as it takes off.

It does not add too much of a workload; I am doing it as a second job, my full time employer is very supportive of everything I do and I have also brought business in to them as a result of my involvement in BforB, so it’s a win win for both sides.

Have you ever thought about earning extra revenue while further developing your confidence, leadership and sales skills?

Are you over the repetitive 40 hour week and limited earning potential? Here is an opportunity to explore an extra source of income, flip the script on the daily grind, take control of your success.

BforB will promote, support and stand by you in:

Growing and expanding through knowledge and skills, connecting people, and also education and information;

Being a key part of  Australia’s most valuable, and trusted, fastest growing franchise in the business connections space and;

Expansion through the growth of the local community and connections that are made through business referrals, lasting relationships and strategic alliances.

The best way to find out more about starting your own business connections franchise with BforB is to have a free introductory chat with our experienced Franchisor, Julie Bannister.

This is a great opportunity to see what running your own business connections franchise would be like and to learn more about the success that flows from helping others.

Fill in your details below or call 1300 236 722 now to book your free chat.

Still undecided if a business connections franchise is the right fit for your situation and goals?

That’s actually a good thing, it means you could use this chat to learn more!

At BforB, your Franchisor, Julie is happy to discuss all your options and ensure this is the right fit for you. Call Julie on 1300 236 722 or complete the this form and we will call you right back!

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