The Gala Awards Night was held Saturday 17th March 2018 and the theme this year was all around the Swinging Sixties!

Executive Team of the Year

Runner up – Brisbane Tuesday Lunch Alternate Group 2

Winner – Redcliffe


Local Director of the Year

Runner up, Michael Coward, Brisbane

Winner, Tony Hunter, Redcliffe


Referral Master of the Year


For topping each of the four KPIs:

1. Highest number of referrals given: Vicki Mundt, Brisbane Tuesday Lunch group referrals,

2. Highest Value of business given -. Andrew Konefal, Brisbane Lunch Alternate group 2

3. Highest Number of referral received: Tony Evans, Cornerstone Advice, Brisbane Tuesday Lunch group

4. Highest value of referrals Received. Michael Coward – Brisbane Tuesday Lunch Alternate Group 2

Runner Up – David Hayes, WMS Gold Coast Tuesday Breakfast

Winner – Michael Coward, Essential Technologies – Brisbane Tuesday Lunch Group2 – given and received $ 421,020.00 including the new highest referral received in Australia of $380,000, given by Andrew Konefal who has now emigrated to NZ.


Member of the Year

Runner up – Mike Remmer, Gold Coast Tuesday Breakfast

Winner – Caroline Barton, Gold Coast Tuesday Breakfast


Franchisee of the Year

Winner, Noel Botha, Redcliffe North Lakes


Best Dressed Awards

Best Dressed Woman – Susan Sheehan

Best Dressed Man – Brendan Felstead

Best Dressed Couple – Kate and Kent Osborne


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