The BforB Difference

The Missing Link conversations also helped us to realise the one thing missing for the Micro, Small and Medium Business sector…access to great training and professional development which would help our members with the skills they needed to work on the business and drive their results to the next level.

In October 2017 we launched the first of the Member Development Days (MDD); an outstanding success delivering a fast paced day being in turn inspired and educated, with presentations and workshops facilitated by people who are nationally recognised leaders in their field.  Delivered at no cost to our members, the MDD is now a permanent fixture on the BforB Calendar, with 3 MDDs scheduled for our members to attend throughout 2018.

2018 will also see the introduction of a range of professional development workshops across diverse topics such as goal setting, networking, finances, social media, marketing, sales and people management delivered across the network.  Facilitated by the team that has helped bring these initiatives to life for BforB and their expanded networks, the Professional Development series is part of our commitment to take relationships beyond the referral network – to driving success across every facet of business.

Testimonials from our Members

  • Michael Coward, Managing Director, Essential Technologies Group

    BforB has pushed me completely outside my comfort zone by giving me the opportunity to be a Moderator of a group, significantly improving my public speaking and confidence, and taking our business to a whole new level. You just never know who someone knows and when I asked my fellow BforB members for a referral to a Telco business I got a referral which has, so far, lead to in excess of $500,000 in contracted business. BforB has changed our sales strategy and we are now looking for strategic partners in our BforB group that we can cross refer and work together every fortnight at meetings for the benefit of our customers and each other – a win for all.

  • Jackie Strachan, Owner, HR Tactics

    As a startup, joining BforB quickly proved to be an essential part of my marketing mix. With all members operating as my very own sales team, I have continued to benefit not only from the referrals and long term business connections, but also the variety of professional development opportunities that come with being a member. “Activity and momentum bring results” as they say, and BforB keeps me accountable with fortnightly meetings where I get to hone my elevator pitch and learn business skills from fellow members, regular opportunities to present to the group on my business which has helped me focus my mind with regards to my key business messages and branding, and also the regular one-to-one meetings with fellow members. The business advice I’ve received through my BforB relationships has been invaluable, especially when you’re just starting off. I would advise anyone building a startup to come along to participate in a meeting as a guest just as I did. It could prove to be an essential part of your marketing mix too.

  • Ewan McKenzie, Director, BOLT Marketing

    Since joining BforB I have developed some extremely valuable relationships with other local businesses, all of whom are now an important part of my marketing mix. Within the first 3 months of being a member I generated approximately $40,000 worth of income directly from referrals given to me by other BforB members. In addition to the financial benefits I have gained since joining my fortnightly breakfast group, I have also learnt a considerable amount from other co-members through their various presentations and one-to-one meetings. If anyone is looking for a relaxed and enjoyable referral networking group to join, I would highly recommend taking a look at what BforB has to offer.


The BforB Values

  • We believe in the power of Human to Human Connection
  • Wisdom, Education and Empowerment
  • Smoothness and Flow
  • Reciprocity and Service
  • Integrity and Trust
  • An Innate Compliance

We believe in the power of Human to Human Connection

A complete focus on delivering exceptional service within an increasingly complex, technology driven environment is dependent on our ability to create a human-to-human connection; it is in our willingness to be open, to be willing to discuss with our members, our colleagues, our support crews, and anyone else we come into contact with what is happening in their world.  It is the ability to clear the space, to listen closely to what is being said, to understand the world of the person with whom we are talking, to deal in facts and data – to react with empathy, not emotion.  It is in making the time to make the other person my sole focus for the entire time we are interacting, knowing that technology simply enhances the relationships and experiences.  And more than this it is the collective strength in building a community of like minded people in support of us, our businesses, and each other

Wisdom, Education and Empowerment

We believe in the wisdom of the collective; that wisdom is shown in the ability to learn about, learn from, understand, and interact with who and what is around us.  It is using what we know to develop and stretch the skills and knowledge of ourselves and those we know.  It is a willingness to ask questions, to acknowledge where gaps exist, and to seek understanding that fills those gaps.  It is putting knowledge into action, learning from each experience, not having to continually repeat our mistakes.  Most importantly, wisdom is an enabler; it means we are able to work together to share knowledge and apply previously learnt things to address new challenges.

Empowerment is more than a word, it is how we do things.  It is holding the best interests of our members, our colleagues, this organisation and the people we interact with at heart, and is reflected in how we talk, the relationships we build, and our ability to deliver on the promise.  We work to a high standard, and step in beside those around us to help them to do the same, understanding that it is in collective success that we create the foundations to empower our members in driving their future success.

Smoothness and Flow

We know what we do.  And so does everyone around us.  We have clear systems, policies and procedures that set the standards and where we check in first.  We understand our values and what is important.  We take the time to communicate and to listen, to check for meaning and understanding.  We create transparency through clear direction and clear definition.  As intelligent people, we also understand clarity means if I’m drowning I’ll put my hand up and ask for help, at a time when it will avoid collateral damage.  We recognize FLOW as that time when everything just works – particularly when the pressure is on – and understand it is a result of clarity.  And we maximize flow through constantly improving our ability to plan and forecast, through templating first-time tasks for future delivery.  We understand that redundancy is key to ensuring smoothness of experience for our members, and build this throughout the organisation with the identification and support of both our current and emerging / future leaders.

Reciprocity and Service

We believe in the power of reciprocity; that what we bring to the table, and choose to share and pass to others, will be repaid to us in full, and more.  We know that it is in contributing to collective success, through building relationships and helping those around us, that we ensure our future – and exponential – success.  We do this from the viewpoint of service; where service does not mean to give in to stronger demands and directions, but to expect the best and the most from the people we choose to surround ourselves with.  We take a personal interest in the ideas and suggestions of those around us, we encourage involvement, and we work together to drive individual results.

Integrity and Trust

Integrity is part of the fabric of our relationships throughout BforB Australia.  Summed up simply, we do what we say we will, when we say we will do it.  Each of us is responsible for walking our own talk, for ensuring that when something ought to be done, that it is done.  We do not ask of others what we are not prepared to do or learn or understand ourselves.  Integrity is lived in the organisation through practicing the principle of total honesty.  Total honesty is realized when we are telling the truth and leaving the right impression, and we have eliminated omission.  Omission of some or all of the facts is an attempt to manipulate the outcome, and restricts the ability of the organisation and its members to live with integrity and honesty.

An Innate Compliance

We are committed to innate compliance, where the foundations are set and compliance is no longer a word but a way of being.  We know that innate compliance does not mean unquestioning; it is instead a love for systems and a respect for the knowledge and intellect that has gone into creating the BforB way of doing things.  It is about speed, efficiency and leverage.  That these standards are our line in the sand, what we will not compromise, and provide a foundation for us to continually raise the bar in everything we do by taking care of the detail and creating the space to be insatiably curious about our members, our colleagues and their world.   We understand that innate compliance is the first step to creating the foundation for innovation – incremental, day to day improvement in everything we do, to identify where the greatest impacts can be created by the smallest of changes