The Important Thing About A Referral Network Is That You Are Never Alone: You Get Help, Support And Advice From Other Members Of The Community.

Soldato is a Crewe-based outsourced Credit Control company which helps businesses recover outstanding debts by giving them a system which helps them get paid quicker.

It’s a simple proposition says managing director, Felicity Milazzo, if Soldato can’t manage to recover the debt it buys the debt from the business. Saldato’s wide range of services have increased the profitability of hundreds of UK businesses, by providing a clear and highly effective credit management solution, together with flexibility which enables businesses to retain total control. Saldato’s services harness the power of the internet to deliver to your desk a user friendly service of exceptional quality and speed.

How has the company managed to generate interest in its services, and attracted new clients? Well, other than recommendations from existing clients, Soldato relies on referral networking using the Business for Breakfast network. How has the company found the BforB experience? Well, it must have been a very positive experience, as Felicity has since gone on to buy the West Cheshire and North Wales business franchise. Here’s what Felicity thinks for the BforB network.

Why did you join the Business for Breakfast network? What attracted you to this type of network rather than other ones?

“Having been both a member and a member of the exec team, what I saw was a system that worked. It was a very simple and clear-cut system that meant I could grow my business and help other business to grow their own businesses at the same time. That’s something that really appealed to me. [Through referral networking] I was also able to find trusted suppliers and support as well for my own business. That’s the important thing about a referral network: you are never alone, but get help, support and advice from other members of the community.”

What advice would you give to new members joining the BforB network?

“My top tip for a new Business for breakfast member is to listen; that is, listen to the existing members and see and learn about what constitutes a good referral for them. So listen to their 60 second spotlight, and see how that can help you with your 60 seconds slot. In fact listen to all the 60 second spotlights of all the other members, and generally get involved and become part of the community. That will help you take your business forward. With support and trust you will then be able to grow your business within a supportive community.”

Having had such a positive experience with the Business for Breakfast network you decided to buy a franchise. What sort of vision do you have for the franchise?

“The vision I have for the West Cheshire and North Wales is to build a community for the franchise: a community in which members can build their trusted sources of leads, support and suppliers. Working as a group allows the franchise to grow as you are working with sources bigger than the individual. I look at it as a ‘flag to rally’: in other words, a community that’s bigger than the sum of its individual parts. A community like that is much stronger and can grow more easily.”