Nervous about pubic speaking? BforB’s tips to become confident!

Often in our business networking, plus in business and work environments, we have to be able to stand up and speak about ourselves and our businesses. Apparently the thing most feared by people is public speaking! Well you can overcome this and become a confident speaker; at BforB we provide an opportunity for all our members to develop this important skill.

If you are nervous at public speaking, the best way to start is:

  1. Talk about something you are confident about (your business)
  2. Speak to a small group of people that you know (BforB)
  3. Make sure the topic you are going to speak about is potentially interesting to your audience.
  4. Include some interesting examples or “case studies” of the difference you have made to your clients or customers.
  5. Smile and make eye contact – the audience are friendly people like you and I who want to hear what you have to say.
  6. Practice so you are confident in the overall presentation, as then you will come across as prepared and polished.

If you want to become a more confident public speaker, we invite you to come to BforB and see the opportunity we offer for you to achieve this. As well as a friendly and supportive environment to practice, we also have training to assist you in developing these skills. This is just one way that BforB’s business networking and referral marketing groups look forward to assisting you achieve your goals!

 BforB business networking women becoming confident public speakers BforB business networking public speaking

P.S. I was once one of those terrified of public speaking – my first presentation I was shaking so much I could not keep the microphone still! What a difference being a confident public speaker has made to my life, and to the life of many of our members.