So you need an elevator pitch?

It seems so simple, but this is one item many business owners struggle with. So here are some simple tips:

  1. Write down a list of what products or services you provide. This is the “features”, not the “benefits”. Most of us are confident to do this, but now bin it.
  2. Write down a second list of what “solutions” you aim to provide your clients or customers with. Focus on “benefits”, not “features” this time. This is important, as people come to you with a problem that needs a solution. Now we are getting there!
  3. What is different about what you do, versus your competitors? Your unique selling point?
  4. You may want to complete with an open ended question related to what you do, to engage conversation.

Start looking at your business from this angle and craft this information together into a few sentences in plain English. Make sure it creates interest and enquiry, not being a flat sales pitch. Then practice and tweak it until it flows nicely and you are confident in using it.

In BforB, our members learn to develop, practice and deliver a “60 Seconds” pitch in a friendly environment and it is a key element of our successful referral process.

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