If Anyone Is Looking For A Networking Group Around The Country, Then I’d Wholeheartedly Recommend BforB.

Lilac Films is a Staffordshire-based promotional film company.

A member of the Staffordshire Business for Breakfast network, Lilac Films produces cinematic, promotional and communication films for an exceptional range of clients, in order to increase their brand awareness and engage their customers, and is dedicated to bringing the qualities of high-end, cinematic productions to the corporate market to create truly unique film.

As an award winning creative company with a strong background in media marketing, Lilac Films feels confident in their ability to create stunning visuals. Because of this it has gained a loyal and trusting client base which includes the likes of ATS Euromaster, The Foreign and Common Wealth Office, Numerous City Councils across the West Midlands, Network Rail, and Midland Heart. The company has also had work broadcast on global giants like the BBC, Channel 4, MTV and NME.

How has the company managed to generate interest in its services, and attracted new clients? Well, other than recommendations from existing clients, Lilac Films has become increasingly reliant on referral networking using the Business for Breakfast network. How has the company found the BforB experience? Well, the person best-placed to answer that question is Production and marketing Director, Steve Cranson.

How has your business found the Business for Breakfast experience?

“It’s been great for us. We’ve been using the Business for Breakfast referral network for just over 2 years now, and it’s proved to be a fantastic way of generating new leads and business for our company. The reason we chose the BforB referral network model was because it was friendly and warm, and it didn’t have the formalities of other networking groups. But it still managed to generate business for us like any good networking group should.”

How does the networking platform work?

“The way it works is on the ‘Know –Like – Trust’ platform. We get members around the table, and speak to other members who know and work with other companies we’d like to get involved with. These members can approach those companies on our behalf. They can vouch for us because they’ve got to know us, and they can give a testimonial to say to our potential partners telling them we are the type of people these companies should work with. What better way is there to be introduced to a company than from someone they know and trust? Fellow members can recommend your services because they know full well that you’ll go in there and do a fantastic job for them.”

Would you recommend Business for Breakfast to other small businesses?

“Oh, certainly – without a shadow of a doubt. If anyone is looking for a networking group around the country, then I’d wholeheartedly recommend BforB. It’s been great for us, and I’m sure it will be great for other business too as long as they embrace the concept and get involved.”