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Thexton Dodd Consulting provides a total service to Business Consultants wishing to provide consulting services to Business Owner/ Managers so that they can improve the Profit / Growth and Value of their business.

We do this by completing a business diagnostic to identify where the opportunities are for additional income across 11 core areas of your business.  

We then apply our business success programme to transform your business whether to Rescue, Improve or Grow your business.

The Business Success Programme provides a structured framework to deliver the income you want from your business.

We will help you succeed.



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Simple Solutions. Straight Up.

We know the world of finance can appear complicated and overwhelming. At Astute the world of finance is our world, we understand it inside out. We cut through the jargon and provide you with simple, straightforward financial solutions, tailor made for your individual circumstances.

Which when it comes to your financial security, makes the world of difference.

Whether your goal is to purchase your first home, refinance or invest, Astute are experienced in arranging the finance you require to make this goal a reality.

With a variety of insurance options existing on the market from well-respected lenders, Astute can direct you toward a specialist that is experienced in selecting products that are suited to your personal circumstances.

Whether you are interested in budgeting and savings, super and investing, insurance, or you are planning for life after work, a Financial Adviser can help set you up for success.



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Goldcross Consulting & Invision Bookkeeping are the Bookkeepers for the Redcliffe chapter of BforB.

At Goldcross Consulting & Invision Bookkeeping we can do your books, your BAS, and your payroll.

We'll set you up, pick up the tasks you don't have time for, provide advice and lodge your BAS, or you can choose the full virtual CFO package. This is an ideal solution for those small businesses who are finding their time is no longer best spent in the office keeping track of the books, but can't employ someone in this position.

By engaging Goldcross Consulting you get a wealth of experience and a proven level of quality and accountability which you'd not otherwise be able to achieve.

At Goldcross we are passionate about business growth and believe that quality information supports change and enables informed decision processes.

We cross your t's and dot your i's but we love to do more, encouraging our clients to track non-financial data alongside their financial performance in order to identify areas of low and high performance. We can provide templates, set-up systems and train you and your staff. We can analyse data so you can see where you've been and where you are going.

Our logo says it all. An arrow in a bow cannot reach its target until it is released. Let Goldcross help you identify your target and release your potential!