Building a successful referral networking system in the Czech Republic.

The true yardstick of the value of referral marketing is that it can work successfully in any country.

The core values and ethos of referral marketing are universal, so the same principles apply regardless of the environment.

The perfect illustration of this is the in the Czech Republic. Kamila Zarychtova may have learned the principles of BforB referral marketing in the UK, but she has since returned home and applied those principles to great effect. Kamila now holds the Business for Breakfast master franchise in the Czech Republic. Why did she make the decision to invest in the franchise? Well, the reason is simple: she saw how effectively it worked here, and she knew that that she could replicate that success in her home country. These are Kamila’s thoughts on referral networking and the advantages of the BforB referral networking platform.

Why did you set up a Business for Breakfast franchise in the Czech Republic?

“The reason I took the Business for Breakfast master franchise in the Czech Republic was because I saw it as a fantastic opportunity. I lived in England for 5 years and I met John [Fisher]. He invited me along to a BforB meeting, and there I saw business people helping each other: I saw business people being positive and looking for solutions rather than problems.”

“When I saw this I knew I wanted to be surrounded by people like this too. However in the Czech Republic there was no system like this in place. There was nowhere where people could get together and build long-term relationships and help each other. So I thought I could set up this successful system in my home country.”

What have you managed to achieve in your home country through Business for Breakfast?

“The biggest achievement I can claim is that referral networking is now working successfully in the Czech Republic. People here now realise that they do need referral networking to generate business. Through hard work and application me and my team have helped to explain and educate the value and benefits of referral marketing to the local business community, and the system is now working very well indeed.”

What advice would you give to members who are thinking of joining a Business for Breakfast network?

“My top tip to any new referral networking member would be to start with the BforB networking system as soon as you can. The quicker you start: the sooner you’ll start getting new opportunities. So join a networking group and get 3 1-to-1 meetings, get 3 referrals to your colleagues, get 3 guests invited to your meetings and make sure you get your first spotlight session and your first learning point session, if you want to make the best possible start. If you do that you are much more likely to get help and referrals and recommendations from other local business people.”