BforB Membership Helps One Small Lichfield Business Generate £36,000 Worth Of New Business In One Year Alone.

Can BforB’s referral networks help your small business grow?

Can memberships help your small business generate new leads and build a reputation in your local area? Well, if the experiences of Charlie Hutton, director of Hutchinson’s, are anything to go by, the answer is definitely yes.

In the space of just 3 years Charlie’s web design consultancy has grown at a far quicker rate than he ever originally anticipated. Much of the success he puts down to the power of referral networking, and the contacts he has made through his membership of the Lichfield BforB network. Here’s what Charlie had to say about the BforB network:

What have your experiences of the BforB referral network been like?

“I’m a web designer, and have been a member of BforB for around 3 years now. I originally joined as a member of just one group, but had so much success from membership of that group in generating new leads that I decided to join another group as well around 6 months later.”

How has BforB membership helped your business to grow?

“BforB membership has been the backbone in helping my business to grow. I’ve met lots of new contacts and have been able to generate many new leads on the back of referrals. Last year alone I generated £36,000 worth of new business from referrals from the two groups I was a member of. So, all in all, BforB membership for my business has been fantastic in helping to boost my profile and my sales and marketing activity.”

Do you think BforB membership can be helpful to other small businesses like yours?

“Oh, without a doubt. If you’re prepared to put in the work and get to know members, it can pay dividends. Would I recommend BforB membership to others? Definitely. I thoroughly recommend BforB referral marketing membership for any small or medium-sized business. It’s the ideal forum for meeting and getting to know businesses in the local area. Membership of the forum can open up all sorts of opportunities if you’re prepared to give it a chance.”