And the BforB Australia winners are …


It was a great night of Award Winners across all the groups, but the Gold Coast scooped the biggest pool.  We started with the fun award, and built to the top awards of the night!

“Tidy Container Award 2015”

Each group has a container of materials for running their meetings. The Host is responsible for ordering materials and tidying the container and this fun award is acknowledging the host and their group that does it best!

Joint winners: Gold Coast Wednesday Breakfast and Host Peter Thomas and Gold Coast North Wednesday Lunch and Host Liz Haile.

Individual Executive Team Awards

Executive team roles offer the opportunity for members to build skills in teamwork, leadership, organisation and mentoring. In addition each role has a focus.
These awards are judged on their individual performance in achieving their KPIs, as they must be leaders who lead by example. These are in attendance, completing 121 meetings, giving referrals to fellow members, and inviting guests to grow their group.

“Host of the Year 2015”: Ajay Amin, Ezi Office Supplies, Gold Coast Tuesday Lunch

“Coordinator of the year 2015”: Paul Valmadre, Valmadre Accountants, Gold Coast Tuesday Lunch

“Moderator of the Year 2015”: Ian Kennedy, McLaughlins Lawyers, Gold Coast Tuesday Lunch

“Executive Team of the Year  2015” – Sponsored by Worldwide Online Print

BforB is run “By members for members” and each of the groups elects their Executive Team to lead their group. These roles give the opportunity for members to build skills in teamwork, leadership, motivating and mentoring as well as the focus of each role from meeting and greeting guests to public speaking and presenting, and keeping the statistics of the group. This award acknowledges the top performing Executive Team who work together to effectively manage their club and run their meetings. It is judged on their working together as a team to have their group achieving the highest performance in both growth of members and thank yous for referrals converted to business.

  • Winner Brisbane Central North (Micheal Holmstrom of Breadcrumb Digital and Putri Shintodewi of Innovasi Consulting)
  • First Runner Up: Gold Coast Tuesday Breakfast
  • Second Runner Up: Gold Coast Tuesday Lunch

“Local Director of the Year 2015” Sponsored by Travel Counsellors

BforB’s local directors are the link between the franchisee and the Executive Team, and their role is to ensure effective management of their club(s) through the Executive Team. This award acknowledges the top Local Director of the year.

  • Winner: Jay Stewart, Local Director of Gold Coast Tuesday Lunch
  • First runner up: Noel Botha, Redcliffe Tuesday Lunch
  • Second runner up: Hosanna Smith, Ipswich Wednesday Lunch

“Venue of the Year 2015” Sponsored by Cariblue

Excellent venues are critical to the success of all our BforB events and we appreciate those that are efficient, reliable, pleasant to deal with, go the extra mile to look after our members and make sure our events are run at consistent high quality standards that are synonymous with the BforB brand. This award acknowledges our top performing venue for the year.

  • Winner: Tattersalls Club, Brisbane

“Member of the Year 2015” Sponsored by WMS Accountants

All our members have KPIs as this is what needs to be done to maximise the benefits each of our members can tap into from BforB. This award acknowledges the top performer in achieving their personal KPIs combined with living the culture and spirit of the BforB brand.

  • Winner: Jay Stewart, Mortgage Choice, Pacific Pines, Gold Coast Tuesday Lunch
  • First Runner up is: Noel Botha, Surefin Super and Insurances, Redcliffe Tuesday Lunch
  • Second Runner up is: Ian Kennedy, McLaughlins Lawyers, Gold Coast Tuesday Lunch
  • Third runner up is: Samantha Richardson, Loan Market, Gold Coast Tuesday Breakfast

“Referral Master of the Year 2015” Sponsored by Radcliff Taylor Lawyers

BforB exists to referrals. This is our top award within BforB and the award acknowledges the largest amount of referrals given and received by a member during the year.

  • Winner: David Hays, WMS Chartered Accountants, Gold Coast Tuesday Breakfast, a total of $115,122
  • First Runner up is: Alessandra Schladetsch, Radcliffe Taylor Lawyers, Gold Coast Tuesday Breakfast, a total of $95,421
  • Second Runner up is: Michael Holmstrom, Breadcrumb Digital, Brisbane Tuesday Lunch, a total of $89,455

When the awards were over we all went back to networking and enjoying ourselves!

Thank you to our photography sponsor, All Is Light Photo & Video, and to Dean who both took the photos, networked and had a good evening.

And some more fun ones… Jay Stewart of Mortgage Choice Pacific Pines with his trophy for Member of the Year 2015, and sponsor of the award David Hayes of WMS Accountants, who in the next award was announce Referral Master of the Year 2015.  The winning Local Directors, Jay Stewart of Gold Coast Tuesday Lunch, with runners up Hosanna Smith of Ipswich Wednesday Lunch and Noel Botha of Redcliffe Tuesday Lunch, sharing a moment of fun.


And members and guests enjoying themselves. It was a fun night for everyone!

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