University of New Hampshire Summer Courses

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28 University of New Hampshire Summer Courses

The University of New Hampshire (UNH) offers a wide range of summer courses for students looking to continue their education during the summer break. These courses provide an opportunity for students to earn credits, explore new subjects, and accelerate their academic progress.

Benefits of Taking Summer Courses at UNH

  • Flexibility: UNH offers both in-person and online summer courses, allowing students to choose the format that best fits their schedule and learning preferences.
  • Accelerated Learning: Summer courses are typically condensed, allowing students to complete a semester’s worth of material in a shorter period of time. This can help students graduate earlier or catch up on missed credits.
  • Exploration of New Subjects: Summer courses often cover unique and specialized topics that may not be available during the regular academic year. This provides students with the opportunity to explore new areas of interest and expand their knowledge.
  • Intensive Study: With fewer distractions and a focused academic environment, summer courses offer students the chance to engage in intensive study and make significant progress in their coursework.
  • Networking Opportunities: Taking summer courses at UNH allows students to connect with fellow students, professors, and professionals, providing valuable networking opportunities that can benefit their future career prospects.

Available Summer Courses

UNH offers a diverse range of summer courses across various disciplines. Here are some examples:

Department Course Title Description
English Shakespearean Studies This course explores the works of William Shakespeare, analyzing his plays and sonnets in depth.
Biology Marine Biology Students learn about the diverse ecosystems and species found in marine environments and gain hands-on experience through fieldwork and laboratory experiments.
Computer Science Web Development Students develop skills in web design and programming, learning how to create interactive and user-friendly websites.
Psychology Social Psychology This course examines the influence of social interactions on human behavior, covering topics such as conformity, attitudes, and group dynamics.

Note: The above examples are just a small sample of the summer courses available at UNH. The university offers courses in many other disciplines, including business, engineering, history, and more.

How to Enroll in Summer Courses at UNH

Enrolling in summer courses at UNH is a straightforward process. Students can visit the university’s website and navigate to the summer courses section. From there, they can browse the course offerings, select the desired courses, and follow the instructions to complete the enrollment process.

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In Conclusion

The University of New Hampshire offers an array of summer courses that provide numerous benefits to students. Whether they want to accelerate their degree progress, explore new subjects, or enhance their knowledge in a specific field, summer courses at UNH offer a valuable opportunity for students to further their education and achieve their academic goals.

What Courses are Offered at University of New Hampshire in Summer?

University of New Hampshire offers a wide range of courses during the summer session. Students have the opportunity to choose from various subjects and disciplines that align with their academic and career goals.

One of the popular courses offered at UNH in the summer is “Introduction to Psychology”. This course explores the fundamental concepts and theories of psychology, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the human mind and behavior. Through lectures, discussions, and practical exercises, students gain insight into various psychological phenomena and develop critical thinking skills.

Another course offered is “Environmental Science”. This course delves into the study of the environment and its impact on human society. Students learn about ecological principles, conservation strategies, and the various factors that contribute to environmental degradation. Field trips and laboratory work allow students to apply their knowledge and gain hands-on experience in environmental science.

For those interested in business and economics, “Principles of Microeconomics” is a popular choice. This course introduces students to the basic principles of microeconomics, including supply and demand, market structures, and consumer behavior. Students learn how individual economic decisions impact the overall economy and develop skills in analyzing economic data.

These are just a few examples of the courses offered at University of New Hampshire in the summer. Whether students are interested in the social sciences, natural sciences, or business, UNH provides a diverse range of courses to choose from, allowing students to pursue their academic interests and enhance their knowledge and skills.

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