Takahiro Yamamoto: The Rising Star of Japanese Art and Sculpture

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37 Takahiro Yamamoto: The Rising Star of Japanese Art and Sculpture

Takahiro Yamamoto is a Japanese choreographer and solo artist known for his innovative and creative integration of dance, sculpture, and performance. Born and raised in Japan, Yamamoto began his artistic journey at Thea Studio Centre in Tokyo, where he studied dance and developed a unique approach to movement and expression. With a focus on “nothingness” being more than the becoming, Yamamoto’s diverse works and collaborations have gained recognition and acclaim both in Japan and internationally.

Among his notable works, Yamamoto’s “Songs To Revolve Around” had its premiere at the Hadreen Newberg Awards in Colorado in February, followed by a performance at the Time-Based Art Festival in Seattle. In October, he was a key speaker and performer at Artistic Videofest, where his work sparked a discussion on the opacity and guest of the digital age. Yamamoto is also a guest lecturer at The University of New Orleans, where he teaches courses on the implications of video, performance, and curatorial practices.

In his upcoming exhibition at the Grand Gallery, Yamamoto will showcase a series of new works that explore the intersection of sculpture and dance. From his collaboration with pianist Keyon My Program, to his installation piece “Constructing Opacity,” these works push the boundaries of traditional art mediums and challenge the viewer’s perception of space and movement. The exhibition will also feature a film by Roland Think and a performance by the Nairobi-based dance company Dahwen Jacobson.

🔔 CV

Takahiro Yamamoto

Choreographer, Performance Artist

Education University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
MFA in Dance
BFA in Dance
Selected Performances and Exhibitions
  • Thea Center for Music in Newberg, Oregon – Solo Performance
  • Autopoets Art Gallery in Sutton, England – Collaboration with Paul Magnificat
  • Velocity Art Gallery in Seattle, WA – Solo Exhibition
  • DiverseWorks in Houston, TX – Performance and Conversation
Takahiro Yamamoto is a choreographer and performance artist, known for his phenomenological approach to dance and sculpture. His work often explores the opacity between forms and the ethical implications of self-expression. Yamamoto holds degrees in both dance and piano performance, bringing a unique perspective to his creative process.
Awards and Fellowships
– Creative Fellowship from the University of Oregon – Annual Choreographer Fellowship from the Oregon Arts Commission
Teaching and Lecture Experience
– Guest Lecturer at the University of Oregon – Teaching Artist at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts
  • Author of articles on dance and visual art
  • Collaboration with other artists in the creation of installation and time-based works
  • Curatorial work at the Carrie Sutton Gallery


Takahiro Yamamoto’s talent and dedication to his craft have earned him numerous grants, fellowships, awards, and residencies. Throughout his career, he has been recognized for his exceptional work in various mediums, including sculpture, visual arts, and film.

  • Exhibit A-Squared: An exhibit showcasing Yamamoto’s unique artistic approach and his mastery of creating thought-provoking sculptures.
  • -MFA Fellowship: Yamamoto received a prestigious fellowship during his time at a Portland-based university, further supporting his artistic development.
  • Hadreen Residency: Yamamoto was awarded a residency at the Hadreen Art Center, where he had the opportunity to collaborate with other artists and explore new ideas.
  • Andy Disjecta Residency: Yamamoto’s work was recognized by the Andy Disjecta Residency program, allowing him to further expand his artistic vision.
  • Stephanie Curatorial Fellowship: As a recipient of the Stephanie Curatorial Fellowship, Yamamoto had the chance to curate his own exhibition, showcasing the works of emerging artists.
  • Untitled My Takahiro Yamamoto: Yamamoto’s film, titled “Untitled My Takahiro Yamamoto,” received critical acclaim and was featured in various film festivals, including the Colorado Journal and Cowlitz Festival.
  • Thea Gregorius Fellowship: Yamamoto was awarded the Thea Gregorius Fellowship, providing him with financial support to continue his artistic endeavors.
  • Fullerton Grand Prize: Yamamoto’s innovative and visually stunning sculptures earned him the Fullerton Grand Prize, solidifying his position as a rising star in the art community.
  • Development Songs Residency: Yamamoto was invited to participate in the Development Songs Residency, where he had the opportunity to collaborate with other artists and explore new artistic solutions.
  • Magnificat ArtsWatch Fellowships: Yamamoto received fellowships from Magnificat ArtsWatch, providing him with the necessary resources to continue his artistic exploration.
  • Sepuyas Aesthetic Support Fellowship: Yamamoto’s unique artistic style and vision were recognized by the Sepuyas Aesthetic Support Fellowship, granting him financial support and recognition.
  • New England Arts Residency: Yamamoto was awarded a residency in New England, where he had the chance to immerse himself in a new artistic environment and create innovative new works.
  • Artistic Overture Fellowship: Yamamoto’s artistic prowess and creativity were acknowledged by the Artistic Overture Fellowship, providing him with the opportunity to showcase his work in prestigious galleries.
  • Danspace Teaching Fellowship: Yamamoto’s expertise and passion for his craft led to a teaching fellowship at Danspace, where he shared his knowledge and inspired the next generation of artists.
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These grants, fellowships, awards, and residencies have played a significant role in shaping Yamamoto’s career and have allowed him to continue pushing the boundaries of contemporary art.


Here are some reviews, articles, and interviews about my work:

  • The exhibition at Cowlitz Center in Oregon showcased the diverse works of Takahiro Yamamoto, including his photography exhibition.
  • Work by Takahiro Yamamoto was featured at DiverseWorks in Houston.
  • The exhibition in Nairobi holds a collection of Yamamoto’s artworks.
  • There is a book about Takahiro Yamamoto’s work, written by Paul Yamamoto.
  • Roxanne from Journal of Songs College wrote an article about Yamamoto’s sculptures.
  • Roland Orleans interviewed Takahiro Yamamoto about his creative process for a magazine feature.
  • The galleryVelocity residency allowed Yamamoto to explore new forms of art and photography.
  • Andy Relief Studio reviewed Takahiro Yamamoto’s installations and sculptures.
  • The Converge exhibition in Cincinnati showcased the work of Takahiro Yamamoto and other artists.
  • Jacobson Gallery in Washington featured an exhibition of Yamamoto’s artwork.
  • MPAGI-Rules Dance Company collaborated with Takahiro Yamamoto for a performance at the Ohio Theater.
  • Sutton Gallery in England showcased Takahiro Yamamoto’s sculptures and installations.
  • The Sepuyas residency in Ohio allowed Yamamoto to work on his latest art project.
  • Magnificat in Akron held a solo exhibition of Takahiro Yamamoto’s sculptures.
  • Overseas Art Magazine published an interview with Takahiro Yamamoto about his artistic journey.
  • Seattle Choreographer Group collaborated with Takahiro Yamamoto to create a dance performance.
  • Carrie Direct interviewed Takahiro Yamamoto about the integration of dance and sculpture in his work.
  • The Ronde residency provided Yamamoto with the opportunity to experiment with new artistic techniques.
  • Untitled Magazine featured Takahiro Yamamoto’s latest sculptures and installations.

These reviews, articles, and interviews provide insight into the diverse and innovative work of Takahiro Yamamoto in the field of Japanese art and sculpture.

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In addition to studio spaces, we also offer residencies and educational opportunities. Takahiro Yamamoto himself regularly hosts workshops and lectures, sharing his insights and experiences as an internationally recognized artist.

Some of our recent residencies and exhibitions include the CORE program at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, the National Residency Program at the Pilchuck Glass School, and the Unchange Festival at Danspace Project in New York City.

If you are interested in learning more about Takahiro Yamamoto and his work, we recommend exploring articles, interviews, and reviews about his exhibitions and performances. His work has been featured in various publications such as Visual Art Source, Art in America, and Artforum, to name a few.

To book a studio space or to inquire about our residencies and educational programs, please contact our studio manager, Carrie Mpagi, at (xxx) xxx-xxxx or [email protected]. We look forward to welcoming you to our artistic community!

PRESENTED WORKS – Visual Art Group Exhibition

The visual art group exhibition featuring Takahiro Yamamoto showcases a collection of his presented works. This exhibition explores the integration of various art forms and the self-expression of the artist.

One of the highlighted pieces in the exhibition is “Rectoverso,” a collection of artworks that delves into the concept of duality and the interplay between opposites. Yamamoto’s use of colors, textures, and shapes provides thought-provoking solutions to the viewer.

Another notable work is “Ronde.” This piece presents a series of sculptures that represent movement and the ephemeral nature of dance. Through the use of materials and forms, Yamamoto captures the essence of dance and its ability to transcend boundaries.

The exhibition has received positive reviews from art critics such as A. L. Bordowitz from ArtsWatch, Mary Sutton from Oregon Arts Watch, and Thea Quiray Tagle from DUET. Their reviews praise Yamamoto’s unique perspective and artistic prowess.

In addition to the exhibited works, the exhibition also offers educational resources such as a book and a conversational program. These resources provide further insights into Yamamoto’s artistic process and inspirations.

The exhibition is held at the GalleryVelocity in San Francisco, where Yamamoto is a guest lecturer and professor at the Arts Department of the San Francisco State University. The exhibition runs from October to February.

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For more details about the exhibition and Takahiro Yamamoto’s work, please refer to his CV and the company website.

🔔 takahiro yamamoto

Takahiro Yamamoto is a rising star in the world of Japanese art and sculpture. His work brings together dance, performance, and video to create powerful and thought-provoking pieces.

Yamamoto is a professor at the Mpagi University of Art and Design in Japan. He has presented his work at various international venues, such as the Newberg Annual Videofest in England and the Mary and Paul ArtsWatch International Film Festival. His work has been exhibited solo and in group shows, and he has received accolades for his artistic contributions.

Yamamoto’s work often revolves around the core themes of time-based art and the convergence of different art forms. His performances incorporate elements of dance and theater, with the use of lights and video effects creating a visually stunning experience. Many of his works explore the concept of nothingness and nothingbeing, inviting viewers to ponder the meaning of existence.

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Yamamoto is also dedicated to teaching. He has taught at various art schools and colleges, including the University of Washington and the Cornish College of the Arts. His teaching philosophy emphasizes ethical and responsible art practices, encouraging students to consider the impact of their work on society and the environment.

Yamamoto’s studio, Paiko, is a place where ideas and resources converge. It serves as a creative hub for artists from diverse backgrounds, fostering collaborations and the exchange of ideas. The studio is known for its innovative approach to art-making, embracing new technologies and techniques.

If you’re interested in learning more about Takahiro Yamamoto and his work, there are several resources available. You can watch interviews and performances on his website or read reviews and articles in art journals such as Art in America and Thea Sutton’s Art Review. Yamamoto’s artistic statement and a portfolio of his works can also be found on his website.

Whether he’s presenting his work overseas or teaching in the classroom, Takahiro Yamamoto is a force to be reckoned with in the world of art and sculpture. His unique blend of performance, video, and dance has earned him recognition and praise, and his work continues to push boundaries and challenge artistic conventions.

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