Explore Other Public Water Systems by Six-0-five Village

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15 Explore Other Public Water Systems by Six-0-five Village

In the Four-Mile Creek Park, residents of Six-0-five Village can engage in a variety of outdoor activities. The park offers a range of amenities, including a playground, walking trails, and picnic areas. But did you know that the park is also home to a public water system that serves the community?

The Six-0-five Village Water System is operated by the government and provides water to the county’s residents. The system receives water from an array of sources, including an interstate water station and the Louisa County Water Authority. The system plays a crucial role in meeting the water needs of those living in the county by ensuring a reliable supply of clean drinking water.

During the pandemic, the water system’s management has faced numerous challenges in ensuring water quality and availability. The county’s Chamber of Commerce recommends that residents and businesses stay informed about water-related issues through public meetings and the posting of alternative water system plans.

One such alternative proposal comes from Energix, a company that specializes in solar energy. Energix is studying potential sites in the county for a solar farm that would generate clean energy and provide relief to the water system. Despite some community appeals, the project is currently awaiting approval from the county’s planning commission.

In addition to the water system, the Six-0-five Village Water Authority is also responsible for managing the regional sewer system. The authority plans to use funds from the sale of a piece of land to install an additional pump station, which will improve the health and efficiency of the sewer system.

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🔔 JRWA proceeds with plans to study alternative site for water pump station

The Six-0-Five Village Joint Regional Water Authority (JRWA) has announced its intention to explore alternative sites for constructing a water pump station. The need for a new water pump station arises due to the increasing demand for water in the region.

The current site, known as Woolfolk, is no longer able to meet the water production requirements. The proposed alternative site, called Cavalier Hill, offers the necessary land and resources to produce the required amount of water.

Funding and Alternative Site

JRWA is actively seeking available funds to support the study of the alternative site. Upon receiving the necessary funds, they plan to conduct a thorough investigation into the feasibility of Cavalier Hill.

The proposed site, located in Butler County, is adjacent to the Cavalier Hill Cooling Four sites. This location benefits from its proximity to the existing infrastructure, such as water and sewer connections, as well as the available land for expansion.

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Although initial estimates suggest that the proposed alternative site will require significant funding, JRWA believes it is a necessary investment to ensure a reliable water supply for the region.

Community Input and Opposition

JRWA understands the importance of community input and will hold public meetings to address any concerns or opposition to the alternative site. The community will have the opportunity to voice their opinions and provide feedback during these meetings.

Despite potential opposition, JRWA recommends moving forward with the study of the alternative site due to its potential benefits for the region. The increased water production capacity and improved infrastructure will support the local economy, attract new businesses, and accommodate the growing population.

Environmental Considerations

JRWA is committed to ensuring that the alternative site meets all environmental regulations and requirements. They will conduct a thorough environmental impact assessment to evaluate the potential impact on the surrounding land, water sources, and wildlife. Approvals from relevant authorities will be obtained before proceeding with the construction of the pump station.

JRWA also recognizes the importance of sustainable practices and will strive to minimize any adverse effects on the environment during the construction and operation of the pump station.


With the increasing demand for water in the region, it is crucial for JRWA to explore alternative sites for constructing a water pump station. The proposed alternative site, Cavalier Hill, offers the necessary resources and infrastructure to meet the water production requirements.

By proceeding with the study of this alternative site, JRWA aims to ensure a reliable water supply for the community, support the local economy, and accommodate future growth. Community input and environmental considerations will play a significant role in the decision-making process.

🔔 Louisa set to receive $73 million in pandemic relief funds

The county of Louisa is getting ready to engage in a major project, thanks to the $73 million in pandemic relief funds it is set to receive. The funds will play a crucial role in helping the county recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and support various public initiatives.

Proposed projects

With the availability of these funds, the county is keen on exploring a wide array of projects to benefit its residents. Some of the proposed projects are as follows:

  • Business support: A portion of the funds will be dedicated to providing financial resources to local businesses that were adversely affected by the pandemic. This will help in job retention and economic recovery.
  • Infrastructure development: The county plans to invest in improving infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and public transportation, to enhance commuting and accessibility for its residents.
  • Social programs: The funds will also be used to support programs that address important community needs, such as healthcare, education, and social services.

Public engagement

The county believes in the importance of public engagement and intends to involve its residents in the decision-making process regarding the allocation of the relief funds. Several community meetings will be held to gather input and recommendations from the public.

Transparency and accountability

Louisa County government aims to ensure transparency and accountability in handling the relief funds. All expenditures and projects related to the funds will be thoroughly documented and shared with the public to promote trust and confidence in the government’s actions.


The $73 million in pandemic relief funds presents a unique opportunity for Louisa County to address the challenges created by the pandemic and fuel economic recovery. By investing in various sectors and engaging with the community, the county aims to overcome the impact of the pandemic and build a stronger and more resilient future for all its residents.

🔔 Business: Despite opposition, Planning Commission recommends approval of Energix solar project

The Planning Commission has recommended the approval of the Energix solar project, despite opposition from some members of the community. The proposed project, located in Six-0-five Village, aims to provide clean and renewable energy to the area.

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Despite concerns raised by opponents, the Planning Commission believes that the project will bring several benefits to the community. These benefits include job opportunities, improved public health, and the diversification of the local economy. Members of the Commission argue that the project will create job opportunities in the field of solar energy both during the construction phase and in long-term maintenance and management roles.

In addition to job opportunities, the Energix solar project is expected to have positive environmental impacts. Solar energy is a clean and sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources, such as coal or gas. By harnessing the power of the sun, the project aims to reduce carbon emissions and promote a healthier environment for the community.

Support and Opposition

During public meetings, both supporters and opponents of the Energix solar project had the opportunity to voice their opinions. Those in favor of the project pointed to its potential to boost the local economy, diversify the energy sources, and contribute to the overall environmental well-being of the community. They argued that the project aligns with the county’s goal of promoting renewable energy and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

On the other hand, opponents expressed concerns about the visual impact of the solar array, potential negative effects on property values, and the use of county funds for the project. Some individuals also raised questions about the project’s compatibility with the surrounding area and its potential impact on wildlife and natural habitats.

Planning Commission’s Decision

Despite the opposition, the Planning Commission has recommended the approval of the Energix solar project. The decision was made based on a comprehensive study of the project’s potential impacts on the environment, health, and economy. The Commission also considered alternative sites and updates from the applicant regarding the project’s design and mitigation measures.

The decision by the Planning Commission is not final and can still be appealed. Those who oppose the project can file appeals within a specified timeframe. The final decision will ultimately rest with the County Government or an appropriate regional authority.

If approved, the Energix solar project will play a significant role in meeting the county’s renewable energy goals. It will also contribute to the county’s efforts in reducing carbon emissions and promoting a sustainable future.

🔔 Four other applicants win PC support for Shannon Hill Regional Business Park in Louisa County

Despite opposition and planning appeals, four other applicants have secured the support of the Planning Commission (PC) for the development of the Shannon Hill Regional Business Park in Louisa County.

The project, with a budget of $73 million, aims to provide relief for those who don’t want to commute to high-paying jobs in the same county. The Shannon Hill Regional Business Park will offer a cool and engaging work environment, even in the hot summer months.

One of the key players in this project is Six-0-Five Village, which has played a role in the development of other public water systems in the county. They will be responsible for providing water services to the proposed sites at the business park.

The Louisa County Chamber of Commerce also supports the project, as it believes that the development of this regional business park will attract additional businesses and stimulate economic growth in the area.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Louisa County government remains committed to the project and is providing the necessary funds for its development. The PC recommends approval of the project, despite some opposition from local residents and environmental groups.

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Among the applicants, Cavalier and JRWA received support for their land studies, while Energix and Interstate Pump won PC support for their solar energy management proposals. These initiatives will bring both water and energy solutions to the Shannon Hill Regional Business Park.

The approval of these applicants will provide access to public water and sewer for the proposed sites at the business park. The PC’s decision signifies progress in the development of the Shannon Hill Regional Business Park, highlighting its potential to attract businesses and create jobs in the area.

Key Points:

  • The Shannon Hill Regional Business Park has won PC support, despite opposition and planning appeals
  • The project aims to provide relief for commuters and create high-paying jobs in Louisa County
  • Six-0-Five Village will provide water services for the business park
  • The Louisa County Chamber of Commerce supports the project, anticipating economic growth
  • Cavalier, JRWA, Energix, and Interstate Pump have received support for their land and energy proposals
  • The approval of the applicants will provide access to public water and sewer at the business park

🔔 This week in county government: Updates from PC and JRWA meetings, Louisa set to receive pandemic relief funds

This week, there were updates from the Planning Commission (PC) and the James River Water Authority (JRWA) meetings. Additionally, Louisa County is set to receive pandemic relief funds.

Updates from PC and JRWA meetings

  • The Planning Commission discussed proposed water and sewer plans for a new development project on Brady Street.
  • Louisa County Chamber of Commerce President, John Butler, played a key role in the proposed plans.
  • The development project, estimated to cost $73 million, aims to bring new businesses and residents to the area.
  • The PC approved the plans, but there was opposition from some members of the community who raised concerns about the impact on public health and the environment.
  • The James River Water Authority recommended the approval of a new water treatment plant on Shannon Hill Road.
  • The treatment plant, part of the regional water supply system, will produce clean and safe water for Louisa County and others in the region.
  • Some residents expressed concerns about the potential impact on the nearby interstate and the surrounding property.

Louisa set to receive pandemic relief funds

Louisa County is set to receive additional funds as part of the pandemic relief efforts. The county will receive a total of $4 million in relief funds, with $2 million allocated for public health and $2 million for economic recovery.

The funds will be used to support various initiatives, including vaccine distribution, testing sites, and assistance programs for businesses and individuals affected by the pandemic.

This allocation of funds will help the county recover from the economic downturn caused by the pandemic and support ongoing efforts to ensure the health and well-being of the community.

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