Discover the Top 10 Best Mediterranean Markets Near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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47 Discover the Top 10 Best Mediterranean Markets Near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

If you’re in the Pittsburgh area and craving some delicious Mediterranean cuisine, you’re in luck. The city is home to a number of fantastic markets and eateries where you can find all of your favorite Mediterranean ingredients. Whether you’re searching for high-quality olives, authentic spices, or fresh pita bread, these markets have got you covered. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 best Mediterranean markets near Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.

1. Salem’s Market & Grill: Located in the heart of Pittsburgh, Salem’s is famous for its vast selection of Mediterranean ingredients. From Greek imports to Middle Eastern spices, you’ll find everything you need to create an authentic Mediterranean meal.

2. Pitaland: This family-owned shop has been serving Pittsburgh for over 25 years. Pitaland offers a wide variety of Mediterranean foods, including delicious falafel, hummus, and baklava. Their catering services are also a popular choice for events and parties.

3. Stamoolis Brothers: This well-established market has been a staple in Pittsburgh since 1909. With an extensive selection of Mediterranean ingredients, including a wide variety of olives and oils, Stamoolis Brothers is a must-visit for any Mediterranean food enthusiast.

4. Madonna’s Mediterranean Cuisine: Offering both delivery and a dine-in restaurant, Madonna’s is a popular spot for Mediterranean food in Pittsburgh. Their menu includes a variety of Mediterranean dishes, from classic gyros to flavorful kebabs.

5. Aladdin’s Eatery: With multiple locations throughout the Pittsburgh area, Aladdin’s is a go-to spot for Mediterranean food. Their menu features a wide selection of dishes, including vegetarian and vegan options.

6. Delanie’s Coffee: This charming cafe in Pittsburgh’s Southside is known for its Mediterranean-inspired menu. From tasty Mediterranean sandwiches to a strong cup of coffee, Delanie’s is the perfect spot for a quick lunch or a cozy sit-down meal.

7. Salonika Imports: Located in the charming neighborhood of Squirrel Hill, Salonika Imports offers a wide range of Mediterranean products, from fresh produce to specialty cheeses. They also have a deli counter where you can order freshly prepared Mediterranean dishes.

8. Amel’s Restaurant: This family-owned restaurant offers a taste of authentic Mediterranean cuisine. With a menu that includes dishes from Lebanon, Syria, and Greece, Amel’s is a favorite among locals in the Pittsburgh area.

9. L-S Meatpackers: If you’re looking for high-quality, locally sourced meat for your Mediterranean dishes, head to L-S Meatpackers. This family-owned butcher shop in Pittsburgh’s Hill District has been operating for over 50 years, and they’ll gladly answer any questions you may have about their products.

10. The Mediterranean Market: Located near Pittsburgh in the town of Palmyra, The Mediterranean Market is a treasure trove of Mediterranean ingredients. From imported spices to fresh produce, this market has everything you need to create delicious Mediterranean meals at home.

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Whether you’re a seasoned Mediterranean cuisine enthusiast or are new to the flavors of the region, these markets and restaurants will satisfy your cravings. So, head on over to one of these top Mediterranean markets near Pittsburgh and discover the delicious flavors of the Mediterranean!

🔔 🔔 Explore the Best Mediterranean Markets Near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

If you’re in search of the best Mediterranean markets near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, you’re in luck! Pittsburgh is home to a variety of fantastic markets that specialize in Mediterranean cuisine. Whether you’re searching for fresh ingredients for cooking or looking to indulge in delicious Mediterranean dishes, these markets have got you covered.

Jolina’s Mediterranean Cuisine

Jolina’s Mediterranean Cuisine is a popular eatery that offers a wide selection of Mediterranean dishes. They have been in business for over a decade and have become a go-to spot for those looking for authentic Mediterranean flavors. Head over to Jolina’s to experience their delicious menu that includes classic dishes like falafel, hummus, and kebabs.

Kafe Istanbul


Kafe Istanbul is another great Mediterranean market located in Pittsburgh. They offer a large selection of Mediterranean groceries, spices, and products. They also have a restaurant where you can enjoy a traditional Mediterranean meal. Don’t forget to try their signature Turkish coffee!

Salem’s Market and Grill

Salem’s Market and Grill is a family-owned market that offers a wide range of Mediterranean products. They are known for their fresh and high-quality ingredients that are essential for preparing Mediterranean dishes. Their market is stocked with a variety of spices, oils, canned goods, and more. If you’re looking for hard-to-find Mediterranean ingredients, Salem’s is the place to go.


Pitaland is a Mediterranean wholesale store that supplies many local businesses in the Pittsburgh area. They offer a large variety of fresh and authentic Mediterranean products. From pita bread to baklava, Pitaland has it all. They also have a small deli counter where you can grab a bite to eat.

Ernesto’s Market

Ernesto’s Market is a Pittsburgh favorite, known for their fresh and butchered meats. While not strictly a Mediterranean market, they offer a variety of Mediterranean products and ingredients. If you’re looking for high-quality meat for your Mediterranean dishes, Ernesto’s is the place to go.

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Overall, there are plenty of great options for exploring Mediterranean markets near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Whether you’re in search of fresh ingredients or want to discover new Mediterranean flavors, these markets have everything you need. Don’t hesitate to visit these places and expand your Mediterranean culinary experience!

🔔 🔔 Find the Perfect Fresh Produce and Authentic Delicacies


When it comes to Mediterranean cuisine, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offers a variety of authentic options. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, exploring the Mediterranean markets in and near Pittsburgh is a must-do experience. These markets are the perfect place to find high-quality fresh produce, unique ingredients, and authentic delicacies.

Delanie’s Mediterranean Grocery

If you’re in the mood to try something new, head to Delanie’s Mediterranean Grocery located in Squirrel Hill. This popular market has been a staple for locals and visitors alike. They offer a wide selection of Mediterranean products, including spices, olives, olive oil, and cheeses.


Another must-visit market is Pitaland, which is also located in Squirrel Hill. This family-owned business has been serving the community for over 39 years. They offer a variety of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean foods, including freshly baked pita bread, falafel, hummus, and more.

Alihan’s Mediterranean Cuisine


If you’re looking for a place to grab a bite to eat, Alihan’s Mediterranean Cuisine is the place to be. Located in Little Italy, this Mediterranean eatery offers a wide range of dishes inspired by Mediterranean flavors. From Greek gyros to Middle Eastern kebabs, you’ll find something delicious to satisfy your taste buds.

Verde Mexican Coffee

Verde Mexican Coffee is a coffee shop located in the heart of Pittsburgh. Although not strictly a Mediterranean market, they offer a variety of Mediterranean-inspired drinks and snacks. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy their delicious pastries and sandwiches.

If you’re searching for a taste of the Mediterranean in Pittsburgh, these markets and eateries are a great place to start. Explore their wide selection of authentic ingredients and dishes, and immerse yourself in the flavors of the Mediterranean. Whether you’re cooking at home or looking for a place to grab a meal, these markets and restaurants have everything you need to enhance your Mediterranean culinary experience.

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