As a sales and marketing manager I sometimes feel like I spend half my week attending various networking events. BforB was genuinely the very first group that inspired me enough to join as a full time member. They have the formula right in my opinion with an enormous level of commitment shown by each member. Its a fun, informative and motivational experience to have lunch with these guys. The referrals and contacts are a total bonus.

Kellie Price, Sales Manager, Berwicks Office Supplies

I first attended BforB as my client’s guest, and immediately saw the benefits of being a member. Before joining the group, I was less confident in talking about my business and expertise, and I was more reactive than proactive in seeking new business opportunities. I have found that the relaxed yet focussed approach of the BforB Brisbane Lunch Group has really helped me to build my networking and communication skills. Connecting with other like-minded professionals has made a big difference to the way I manage and develop my small business. I would highly recommend BforB to those who want to develop genuine business relationships that lead to referrals.

Beck Watson, Owner, Kin Digital

Testimonials from our members