Santa’s Helpful Business Tips

Santa has these 6 tips all related to giving a good impression. Santa knows that what we do and say is often being observed by others.

  1. Keep Positive- take care of what goes into your mind and what you think and speak. Read positive and inspirational books and articles. Keep listening and watching negative news to a minimum. Santa says, ‘Imagine if I was a grumpy old man all of the time and was rude to the children when they are having their photo taken with me, my reputation would not be good.’
  2. Ensure you deliver on time. It is not good to disappoint people as your reputation will be scarred (if Santa delivered late, this would expose him as to who he really is- this may be so in your case as well?)
  1. Make the customer’s experience a good one. Make a list and stick to it (imagine if Santa read his list but then decided to swap gifts, miss some houses?)
  1. Get more efficient- develop your business and get your systems in place so that you can work less (Santa only works one night in the year- I think that is less that the ‘4 hour Workweek’)
  1. Look after yourself and once you get to a certain age, you will not look a day older year after year.

Eat well and exercise- well Santa says do as I say and not as I do!

Santa justifies this by saying he does not want to let people down by not eating all the cookies and milk.

  1. And most of all have fun and laugh a lot – Ho! Ho! Ho!

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