New Referral Record Set!

Last week, Michael Coward of Essential Technologies – and a Local Director in BforB Networking Brisbane CBD, Fortitude Valley and Bowen Hills – closed a $380,000 referral, completely smashing the previous record set by Gold Coast Franchisee Jay Stewart of $206,057.

“Michael thanked Andrew Konefal at the most recent group lunch for the referral. We were both so excited when he called, and when I asked him what this meant for him and his business, he excitedly said ‘this has taken my business to a whole next level!!’ said Sarah Cobb, Managing Director of BforB Australia.

“Across BforB in recent months I have been very focussed in working through our Franchisees and Local Directors to establish 3 financial goals with each of our members – our break even goal, our what I would be happy with goal, and our wow goals. I asked Michael if he had achieved his wow goal – we had to stop and check together and it was $250,000 so he is well and truly over! He is off to consider what his new wow goals for 2018 will be.

“This is what I so love about BforB; anything is possible, and it is all about making a real difference, and the ability to change people’s lives.

‘Between the growing network of Members across the eastern states and into South Australia, the focus on very clear and compelling goals, and the support through our local directors, franchisees and initiatives like the Member Development Day, I am confident that more and more life changing deals will be made by the very clever and passionate business people that are part of the BforB movement’ said Sarah.

Members who want to get clear on their financial, professional development and personal goals for 2018 will be able to participate in a range of Your Best Year Yet workshops to be announced very soon.

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