How To Prepare For a Networking Event

Just starting out in business, or have been in business for some time but have not considered networking before, then why not give it a go?

Often businesspeople are not sure how to prepare for a networking event. There are some simple steps to make your experience more relaxed and pleasurable for all:

  1. Set goals for what you want to achieve from attending the event

Instead of just turning up and hoping that you benefit from attending, you should ask yourself what you want to achieve by attending. Some of these could be:

  • Learn from a professional speaker?
  • Opportunity to find a referral partner?
  • Meet new clients?
  • Connecting with local businesses in the area?
  • Make yourself more ‘visible’?
  • Strengthen existing relationships?
  1. Research, Research, Research

After booking to attend the event, go online to research some of the following:

  • What usually happens at this type of event
  • Who else may be attending (if available); their business; who else they may be connected to that you may wish to be introduced to; where they are located etc. You may also wish to connect with them on LinkedIn or Facebook before the event
  • The guest speaker: name; business; the topic being covered by the speaker; possible topics you may wish to discuss with the speaker. Again, you may wish to connect them on social media before the event.
  1. Dress Smart and wear your Logo

Ensure you dress professionally, smart and for the occasion. if you are unsure of the dress code, contact the organiser to find out.

Having a uniform with your logo is an ideal way to display your business. If you do not have a uniform, then having a name badge with your logo on it also helps.

Remember to smile, have your business cards on hand and be prepared to use a firm but not too strong handshake.

Happy Networking!

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