Helping Each Other In Times of Need

Business can be tough at the best of times but now in the middle of this world pandemic and current economic climate, it seems overwhelming to many. Our personal and business world as we know it is changing weekly, daily and sometimes hourly.

COVID-19 has changed many lives, businesses and careers in such a short space of time. Now we must pivot (the buzz word at the moment), adjust, be nimble, in some cases reinvent ourselves and our business. At some stage in the future, we will have to start planning to be ready for ‘life after Coronavirus’.

But right now, we need to be helping each other. There are many ways we can do this even when we are practising social distancing and maybe isolation.

  • Make a call (or two or three or more…) This could be to a colleague, a friend or a family member. Many of us are either working from home, having to stay in quarantine or already live alone and cannot go out of the house as often. Just a phone call could change another person’s emotions for the day or save them from going down the track of ‘cabin fever’.

Making random phone calls to others not only helps them to stay positive and mentally healthy, it has the same affect on you as well. It could be just that you too are talking to someone or it could be that you know that you are possibly making a difference in someone else’s life.

  • Reach out via email. Phone calls are great but even sending an email to say that you are thinking of someone is great.
  • Send a card or note in the mail. Post offices are still open, and the ‘postie’ is still working. What a thrill someone else will get if they get a card or note in the mail. It is unusual to get ‘real mail’ now so this will be special!
  • Send a special gift or parcel. If you have a special client, colleague, friend of family member that is doing it tough, a special gift or parcel could be a good idea. This does not have to an expensive gift but something that could uplift them just by receiving it.
  • Introduce them into a supportive business community. There are many business communities around but if someone you know is feeling down or depressed about the current situation, they may not feel that they can ask to join. BforB is running online meetings and welcoming guests to join us. The main focus of our meetings is support for each other and relevant education to help us all in these challenging times.
  • Send them useful articles online that are informative and positive. Ensure the articles are positive because the last thing we all need is to read or listen to depressing stats and information.
  • Offer advice for free or at a reduced price.
  • Ask a friend to help out with specific advice or support if you know someone is in need.
  • Give a Google or Social Media review if you have not already done one for them. Many people will probably have more spare time and will be ‘combing the internet’. Having favourable reviews for others to read is very important so do reviews for others and ask others to do reviews for your business.
  • Post a positive testimonial about a person or business on Facebook. This will not only uplift the other person but will hopefully be great for their business. They may also do one for you as well.

I encourage everyone to always help others but especially now in these challenging times.



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Terrific article, Julie!
Thank you – just what the BforB members need right now.
Warmest regards,
Ellie Rentoul
BforB Kenmore Group

Thank you Ellie, and welcome to BforB Kenmore. I look forward to meeting up with you in person when we are allowed to get out and connect in person. Cheers Julie

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