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Do you find working with printers a little frustrating at times? Do you get totally confused with all of the specialist terminology? After getting your quotes together, are you still doubting that you even have the right details, let alone the right price?

I specialise in working with people who want printing made easy. No jargon, simple explanations, competitive prices, fast turnaround and excellent quality. This allows you to focus on your core business, and not run around after details. As you can see, I am no ordinary printer!

Consistent excellence in printing is our passion. Printing Brisbane has a reputation as a premium supplier of print and related services. We work diligently to maintain the quality, integrity and innovation on which our service is built.

Our customers include some of Australia’s largest names such as Bendigo Bank, Event Cinemas and The Athlete’s Foot. Like me, they are committed to excellence, and won’t settle for any lapse in service or quality. We work very well together.

One of our clients is a multi-site podiatry practice. We are working with them to create brand consistency, manage print quality, reduce print expenditure and streamline invoicing and distribution across all sites. They have opened two new practices since working with us, and procedures are now in place for rolling out new locations.

Whether you are a Franchisor, Bank, Allied Health Professional, Hotel, Manufacturer or RTO, for excellence in printing services and outcomes, call me today on 07 3208 5649 to see if and how I can help you.



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Providing the quality guidance and peace of mind for you that your risk management and protection are in place so you can do what is important to you and build your business how you wish.

With extensive experience involved in Insurance that includes Broking, Underwriting and Claims Management, this gives us the ability to focus on protecting your interests in the best way, giving you more time and freedom to focus on what is important to you and thus more opportunity for you to grow and build what you have to become what you dream of.

Big things come in small packages, and Digiteer Agency is no exception. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Digiteer Agency is growing a collective of exceptional designers and developers, directed by a one-man team with the role of Executive Talent Herder.

Digiteer Agency leverages the connectedness of the digital age by linking projects with those professionals who are best suited to complete the work at hand. This flexible approach allows special-purpose teams to be assembled precisely to ensure a project’s timely success.


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NB Lawyers, the lawyers for employer services cover a wide array of legal specialties, including employment law, commercial and property law. NB Lawyers, the lawyers for employers are invested in the success of Australian businesses. Kayleigh and her team love supporting Australian enterprises of all sizes to achieve productive and fair work environments. So if you feel that your business is in need of some assistance in increasing its efficiency to help reach your goals for expansion and development then come and make a connection with Kayleigh.



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All in all, I see life as a collection of personal & financial decisions that either put you onto a journey of success or one of the unfulfilled dreams. I like to think that our team is there to ensure you find out what your journey to success looks like and, ultimately, help you get there.


WB Financial has 12 offices Australia-wide along. Our team of Advisers service most capital cities and are also able to assist clients that may not be located within close proximity to an office.

The WBF journey involves creating a map that allows clients to travel the road to financial independence and pro-actively address these three non-negotiables. Ultimately, following the map and embarking on the WBF journey places clients in the best possible position to achieve their lifestyle choices.

At WB Financial, we don’t just offer you advice on how to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals; we take you on a journey which we refer to as the ‘Advice Process’. This process commences from the moment you meet with your advice team throughout the life of your relationship with WB Financial (WBF).



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Work on an as needs basis and you simply pay for the time that you require.

Our job is to keep your business balanced!!

The HR People was founded in 2006 by Karen Vercoe who believes that for organisations to be successful in today's market and economic environment they require a sound understanding of their business and their people.

The HR People provides a total business perspective for companies in implementing creative Human Resources and Business Efficiency solutions.

We believe that a proactive approach to Human Resources and a structured alignment of working practices can only benefit any business.



  • Recruitment
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Employment Relationships
  • Corporate Policies
  • Employee Policies
  • Position Description
  • Knowledge Management
  • Performance Review Program
  • Occupational Health & Safety Audit
  • Outsourcing Payroll
  • Termination & Redundancies
  • Payroll Audit


Contact Karen Today! 



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Quintessential Administration Support is a boutique bookkeeping business servicing SMEs



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Hannah is passionate about helping you achieve your goals and making it each and every day count. Networking and meeting like-minded, goal orientated people is one of Hannah's favourite things, as well as developing her professional and personal skills to be the best person she can be.

Hannah's current role at Walker Hill means that she can help make your numbers count, for you, your family and your future. Whether you're in a startup business or are in a large corporation, knowing your cash flow, making sure you're in the right structure and ensuring that you're paying the right amount in tax means that you have peace of mind and can focus on what you do best -- running your business.


Walker Hill Chartered Accountants is a boutique accounting firm at Petrie Terrace that will help your business grow. We offer taxation accounting and Chief Financial Officer services to cover all aspects of your business’ financial needs. Started by Nick Hill and Andrew Walker in 2012, Walker Hill has quickly grown is now the hard-working and culture-driven accounting firm that helps you succeed.

How do we do this?

We start with the end in mind, address your key issues and formulate a workable plan to help you achieve your goals. We will help you grow revenue and wealth, improve profit, free cash flow, protect assets and improve business value. 



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