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Keeping a steady flow of leads and sales coming in is a constant stress for many businesses. 

Without leads and sales, your business will not grow and may even struggle to survive comfortably. For many business owners, this ongoing stress can affect their lifestyle and even health. 

Thanks to the large variety of marketing channels available today, there are various opportunities and strategies that can help get your business in front of the right people with the right message. 

Finding the right strategy and helping businesses grow are my passions!

My clients consistently see increased leads and sales for their business, as well as experience continual business growth. 

The Digital Marketing world is constantly changing, so I am always learning. Not only have I studied communication, website design, graphic design and social media marketing, but I also work with a team of highly qualified and experienced developers, designers, writers and marketing experts to help my client’s businesses thrive.

If gaining more leads, sales and brand awareness for your business interests you, head to to see if you qualify for a marketing consultation and strategy session.



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Most business owners believe they offer superior standards in Customer Experience yet research shows that only 8% of their customers agree with them.

This means they miss the opportunity for increased sales, greater loyalty and better-quality referrals from up to 92% of their customers who are indifferent about buying from them again.

Two common reasons this lack of awareness exists are:
• Customer satisfaction feedback isn’t monitored properly or at all
• Staff hide the truth about the levels of customer satisfaction 

Both mean you miss out on vital information that will profoundly impact your bottom line.

Some of the consequences of this problem are:
• Low Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business
• Low Conversion Rates 
• Poor Market Share
• Reducing Revenue 
• Low Profit Margins
• Increasing customer acquisition costs

Australian companies lose over 30% of customers a year due to poor brand loyalty.
The #1 reason for this is poor Customer Experience, NOT the products or services they sell!

The core of all these issues is often the lack of a strong plan for excellent experiences for your staff and customers.

Our approach is to implement an on-going program, designed to address the specific requirements of your market, your industry, your business, your customers.

This carefully tailored blueprint is designed to nurture a customer centric culture, committed to maintaining the highest standards in all aspects of customer engagement.

The ROI on refining your Customer Environment will be significant.
Bain & Co. reported that: Just 5% increase in Customer Retention can increase your profit by a MASSIVE 25 - 95%!

For 20 years I’ve been refining customer experiences in the Automotive and Tourism industries. I help you develop a tailored plan to create happy customers by design and maximise your returns.

To understand the full value of a Customer Success plan and discuss how this may benefit your business, call me today on 0412 389 218 for a confidential, free chat.



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Greg, or ‘The Witch Doctor’ as many of his clients choose to call him, completed his studies in 1999 at the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane and has been running his own practice since 1998.

Greg has a long history in sports, initially playing Aussie Rules football then swapping to triathlon and competing in the Australian team in the World Duathlon Championships in 1996. He currently studies the Japanese martial art of Aikido having reached the goal of Blackbelt in 2007. Greg’s love of sport has given him an excellent understanding of sports related injuries and he specialises in the treatment of athletes and runners. Greg is also a level 1 Triathlon coach and is able to consult on training programs for his clients.

Expanding on his initial education and services, Greg has also completed further studies in Japanese Acupuncture, Lymphatic Drainage (please state you are after this therapy when booking), Chinese Herbalism and Magnetic Therapy. He has also incorporated the use of laser acupuncture into his services for those afraid of needles, and for children the use of color point therapy.

Greg’s method of treatment involves putting the focus on the client whilst giving a thorough explanation of what is occurring, with many receiving rapid and instant results. He has a fantastic ability to help people with illnesses and injuries that no one else has been able to, many trying several other methods before finding Greg and receiving relief for the first time. Greg’s positive outlook on treatment and his dedication to each client mean that his greatest achievement is making a difference in people’s lives.



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Contact me if you require careful considered advice, or someone to fight to protect your interests.

I offer assertiveness, integrity, professionalism and attention to detail.

I work to find practical legal solutions for your business. I will give you timely advice and propose realistic achievable solutions.

My mission: to see my clients understanding the law and exercising their legal rights and entitlements… to their benefit and success.

I am always available for a no-obligation coffee-meeting to discuss your needs.



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The Container Connection Group (TCC) is a wholly Australian owned and operated company that has worked with Architects and Facility Managers for over 25 Years. Underpinning the design excellence of products are the technical partnerships with many Australian companies and University campuses, so if you require a green retrofit or new building engage the company that liaised with architects and designers in delivering in delivering Green Credentials to many buildings across Australia.

The Container Connection specialises in a range of coloured low maintenance designs to keep your greenery lush. The Sub-Irrigated planter design is a unique solution to keep maintenance low-fuss and unobtrusive for year round vitality.

We also have an extensive range of Litterbins, they come in a large range of colours which enables them be used as recycle systems.

The Cotta Pot and Littersmart ranges are of recyclable material and have a 10 year warranty on the Polyethylene.



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With over 20 years under his belt in the ‘World of Sales & Marketing’, Ronald has not only got the experience, but also a high level of professional integrity and passion in order to help his clients sell their property with the best possible outcome.

These best results are created through dedication and passion for selling what will, most likely, be one of the most important transactions his clients will make in their lifetime.

In the past, Ronald had a strong background in Corporate Sales for 4 to 5 Star Hotels and he has taken his attitude of “the Guest is King and means Everything” to his Real Estate clients.

He will make you feel comfortable, will always keep you up to date with the latest and needed information and provide you with a feeling of trust that the whole process is well under control and heading towards a great end result!

With strong negotiation skills and excellent communication between the sellers and the buyers, this end result is quite often a very pleasant surprise.

With absolute honesty and reliability, he will take the stress away out of the overall process for all parties involved and is doing this with a great amount of fun.

Having done major renovations on a couple of properties himself, Ronald can share thoughts, ideas and add stories in situations where that would be handy or even needed. Well connected with all sorts of trades, finance people and more, he will give you that overall ‘can do and let me help you’ attitude.

When not selling his clients’ home, he fills his time with cycling, swimming, watching a movie at the cinema or going out for dinner. Family is everything to him and there are always stories about his lovely wife, his 3 girls and all his grandchildren... so more fun to be enjoyed.

In the end, you will be very happy with the outcome and while it was fun… you are thrilled that Ronald made sure your property got SOLD! 



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We at Marshall Bookkeeping are the best bookkeepers in Brisbane, providing affordable bookkeeping, hourly, weekly, monthly or quarterly, in your office or ours.

Marshall Bookkeeping is a great team of experienced bookkeepers who can adapt to your business.



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