Developing the Know, Like & Trust in Networking

To form good business relationships, we all need to develop the KNOW, LIKE & TRUST with others.


Getting to know another is really quite easy, but sometimes, some of the vital steps are overlooked.

Ensure you spend ‘quality’ time getting to know others. To do this you need to set aside a time to sit and chat and to build rapport

Get to know the other person:

  • Ask questions of the other person to find out more about them and their business.
  • Listen without talking too much about yourself- use the 80/20 rule for listening versus talking

Let others know about yourself and:

  • Be able to succinctly describe the benefits of your service. Know and practice your ‘pitch’ and remember, if you cannot describe what you do clearly, no one else will be able to share this with others to give you referrals
  • Be specific about who your ideal client is and who you want to be connected with
  • Tell others how they can recognise others who may be in need of your service. Give examples of what people may be saying to ‘trigger’ others to know they need your help
  • Let them know how they and others can get in contact with you E.g., cards, LinkedIn, email etc.
  • Share any promotional material you may have that clearly conveys the value you offer to others.


Show others that you like them and help them to like you.

Ways to do this include:

  • Be supportive to others where possible
  • Help others first
  • Provide written, video or verbal testimonials where possible.
  • Never criticise others


Show that you are trustworthy

  • Be authentic- remember it is you who people want to do business with, and this is your ‘unique’ selling point. Others will see through your ‘act’ if you are not being yourself
  • Deliver on your promises and exceed expectations with the service you provide

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