Common Characteristics of Mentally Strong People

Physical strength is an attribute that many look to acquire, but another more important and sort after attribute is having strong mental strength.

Other people are naturally attracted to mentally strong people and it often appears that these mentally strong people attract luck or more opportunities than others. In fact, it is because they keep mentally strong that they do often get more opportunities and are able to help other people.

So, what does it take to have a strong mind that can assist you when things get tough?

Here are some common attributes that are common in all mentally strong people.

They all:

  • Take Control- those who are mentally strong do not leave their fate in the hands of others. They take control, take responsibility, and are opposed to leaving their fate to chance.
  • Do not worry about pleasing others- These people do not spend their lives trying to please others. They understand that by wanting the approval from others, could hinder their progress and the ability to achieve their own goals. This can also make them feel inadequate and unable to move forward. Mentally strong people do not allow others to dictate the way they should live their lives. Being considerate, friendly, and kind to others is important but they know they do not have to always please others at the detriment of their own wellbeing.
  • Do not wallow in self-pity or dwell in the past- If one or many things go wrong or not to plan, some tend to only think about how bad things are. They also tend to only think of what has gone wrong in the past. On the other hand, mentally strong people can look past these temporary misfortunes or hard times and use this to change things up, think positively and do something constructive to make things move forward for the better.
  • Learn from their mistakes- We all make mistakes in life and in our business. Mentally strong people choose to accept that they have made the mistake and to learn from this experience. Each mistake is a new lesson and that enables them to make better decisions in the future.
  • Show great patience- Having patience enables mentally strong people to be able to wait for things to develop and have a positive outcome without feeling as worried or anxious. Patience is needed in our personal lives and in business. When in business, this patience can be applied in many areas such as carrying out due diligence before engaging with others, waiting patiently for an acceptance of a quote and much more.
  • Can adapt to change and embrace it- Everyone’s life is full of change, but many people have difficulty adjusting to change and often either resist or ignore the changes. This could be in the form of ‘putting your head in the sand’ and ignoring what is happening and not applying what needs to be done to adapt. Mentally strong people on the other hand tend to embrace the change and look at the opportunities that may come out of the changes.
  • Do not take things for granted- Mentally strong people know that no one else or ‘the world’ owes them anything and that if they want something, it is their responsibility to get it done. This is true in their personal lives as well as in business.
  • Admire and acknowledge other people’s success- This is a big one and often the hardest to fulfill. From time to time, most people have felt a little resentment or jealousy at other people’s successes. To create a strong and powerful mind, people have to learn to stop envying the success of others and take inspiration from what they have achieved. One step further is to acknowledge the success of others either personally or publicly because this is when we truly accept and admire the success of others and then we too can achieve success. This is what mentally strong people do.


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