Rajeev Kohli: Columbia Business School Professor Making an Impact

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46 Rajeev Kohli: Columbia Business School Professor Making an Impact

Rajeev Kohli is a senior professor at Columbia Business School, where he has made significant contributions in the field of healthcare and operational decision making. With his extensive research and expertise, Kohli has received numerous honors and awards for his work in measuring healthcare value and building behavioral models.

Prior to joining Columbia Business School, Kohli worked as a judge in the field of business operations and services. He coauthored studies on measuring hidden vulnerabilities and cocreating value in healthcare services. His research has been published in top-tier journals, such as JSTOR and Longitudinal Science. Kohli’s innovative approach to measuring the biological and socioeconomic factors that affect healthcare outcomes has gained recognition in the academic community.

In recent years, Kohli has focused on the operational aspects of healthcare delivery, specifically in the context of vulnerable populations. Through his work, he aims to develop strategies and models that can improve healthcare services for those in need. Kohli has also worked on projects that aim to enhance the delivery of healthcare services in underserved counties, where access to quality healthcare is limited.

In addition to his academic work, Kohli has held positions in several research institutions and has been involved in various research projects. He has worked with experts in the field, such as Richard Lopez and Marcel Goic, to develop innovative solutions to the challenges facing healthcare organizations. Kohli’s expertise has also been sought by industry leaders, and he has provided strategic guidance and advice to companies like Encana and the Trinity Health System.

Through his research and service, Rajeev Kohli has made a significant impact on the field of healthcare and operational decision making. His work has shed light on the hidden factors that affect healthcare outcomes and has provided valuable insights for healthcare providers and policymakers. Kohli’s commitment to improving healthcare delivery and his dedication to cocreating value in healthcare services make him a leading figure in the field.

🔔 Recent Publications by Rajeev Kohli

“Framing Social Media Use: Positive and Negative Consequences” – In this article, Rajeev Kohli and his co-author Oded Netzer explore the impact of social media on individuals’ emotions and well-being.

“Fit-Viability Decisions and Allocation Policies: A Hidden Values Perspective” – Rajeev Kohli, along with his co-author Ting-Peng Liang, examines the hidden values that influence decision-making in organizations and how these values can be integrated into allocation policies.

“Blunting the Spread: The Effect of Framing on the Adoption of Innovations” – Rajeev Kohli and his co-author Ricardo Montoya analyze the impact of framing on the diffusion and adoption of new innovations in the market.

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“Socioeconomic and Operational Quality in Organizations: An Index Approach” – In this publication, Rajeev Kohli and his co-author Rajiv Thompson propose an index approach to measure the socioeconomic and operational quality of organizations.

“The Generation, Spread, and Payoff of Social Initiatives: Evidence from a Field Experiment” – Rajeev Kohli, along with his co-authors Ricardo Montoya and Ricardo Goic, present a field experiment examining the generation, spread, and payoff of social initiatives in organizations.

Other Recognition and Awards

  • Rajeev Kohli was awarded with the Honorary Fellow of the Operational Research Society
  • He was a finalist for the Lehigh University “Part-Time MBA Professor of the Year” award
  • He received the “Outstanding Article” recognition from the Journal of Operations Management

Presentations and Conference Proceedings

Conference Presentation
Cambridge University Presentation on “Biological Models for Quality Control”
Trinity College, Canterbury Presented on “Operational Decisions and Socioeconomic Concerns”
Columbia Business School Presented on “From Edison to Pengetnze: Operational Decision-Making in Organizations”

For a full list of Rajeev Kohli’s publications, you can refer to his Columbia Business School faculty page.

🔔 Rajeev Kohli: Columbia Business School

Rajeev Kohli is a prominent member of the Columbia Business School faculty, known for his significant contributions to the field of business and decision sciences. Prior to joining Columbia, Kohli had an impressive academic background and has received numerous awards for his research and teaching.

Kohli is an Honorary Fellow at the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study and has published extensively in top-tier journals such as Decision Sciences, DesRIST, and the Journal of Business. He has also taught at institutions such as Cambridge University.

One of Kohli’s notable research areas is the use of Markov models to measure and analyze the impact of various factors on long-term decision-making. His work has connected the fields of biology, economics, and decision sciences and has had a significant influence on how businesses approach operational and strategic decision-making.

Kohli’s research has been recognized with various awards and honors. He is a finalist for the Oded Kafafi Decision Science Award and has been named as a Thompson Award finalist. Kohli is also a Vice Member of the Marcel DesRIST Decision Science section and a member of the Goic Decision Science Society.

In addition to his research and teaching, Kohli has made an impact beyond academia. He has been involved in various community and socioeconomic initiatives, working with organizations such as Encana and the Canterbury Montessori School. Kohli’s efforts in the field of health and sustainability have been particularly noteworthy.

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Selected Publications

  • “Measuring Longitudinal Socioeconomic Factors Using Markov Models” – Decision Sciences Journal
  • “The Role of Science in Operational Decision-making” – Journal of Business
  • “Cocreating and Coauthoring: A Biological Approach to Sustainable Business” – DesRIST

Notable Achievements

  • Finalist for the Oded Kafafi Decision Science Award
  • Named as a Thompson Award finalist
  • Vice Member of the Marcel DesRIST Decision Science section
  • Member of the Goic Decision Science Society


  • Full-time student at Lehigh University
  • Ph.D. in Business and Decision Sciences from Columbia Business School

🔔 Ricardo Montoya

Ricardo Montoya is a travel enthusiast and a passionate photographer. As a behavioral science judge, he has been awarded for his expertise and contributions to the field.

Prior to his term at Columbia Business School, Ricardo worked on measuring the adoption of new technologies, specifically in the area of cars and their impact on travel behavior. He has also collaborated with Markov Healthcare on studying the spread of disease and the factors that affect its adoption. His work has been published in prestigious journals such as JSTOR.

As a coauthor, Ricardo Montoya has worked with Rajiv Kohli on several studies related to operational and healthcare operations. Their research focuses on measuring the hidden costs and the impact of operational decisions on healthcare systems. They have also explored the use of data science techniques to improve decision-making in healthcare organizations.

Ricardo Montoya has held several editorial positions in the field of healthcare operations and has been a member of INFORMS, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences. He has also served as a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Healthcare Operations and as a reviewer for several other journals.

In his full-time role at Columbia Business School, Ricardo Montoya teaches courses on behavioral science, healthcare operations, and data analytics. He is also actively involved in research initiatives that aim to sustain and improve healthcare operations.

🔔 Honors and Awards for Rajiv Kohli

  • Encana Faculty Fellowship: Rajiv Kohli was awarded the Encana Faculty Fellowship for his exceptional contributions in the field of operational business models and decision making. This honorary fellowship recognizes his outstanding research and innovative approaches in measuring and sharing information for informed decision making.
  • Markov Decision Process Society’s Outstanding Paper Award: Rajiv Kohli, along with his student Julio Ricardo Lopez Montoya, received the Outstanding Paper Award from the Markov Decision Process Society. Their publication on “Framing Models for Measuring Enterprise Vulnerability: The Markov Decision Process Approach” has made a significant impact in the field of operations research.
  • INFORMS Best Applied Research Paper Award: Rajiv Kohli, along with his co-authors, received the Best Applied Research Paper Award from INFORMS (The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences). Their paper titled “Value Generation in Healthcare Services: An Integrated Approach using Markov Decision Processes” presents a novel approach to optimizing healthcare operations and improving patient outcomes.
  • Notre Dame Press Book Recognition Award: Rajiv Kohli’s book on “Healthcare Operations Management: A Systems Perspective” received the Book Recognition Award from the Notre Dame Press. This recognition highlights the significant contribution of the book in advancing the knowledge and understanding of healthcare operations and service delivery.
  • Julio Ricardo Lopez Montoya Travel Grant: Rajiv Kohli established the Julio Ricardo Lopez Montoya Travel Grant to support students in attending conferences and presenting their research in the field of telecommunications and information systems. This initiative aims to encourage the next generation of scholars to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and innovation in these fields.
  • Editorial Vice-Chair Recognition: Rajiv Kohli served as the Editorial Vice-Chair for the Journal of Operations Management. This recognition acknowledges his valuable contributions in shaping the content and quality of the journal, and his efforts in promoting research and knowledge sharing in the field of operations management.
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