What to Wear to a Casino

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7 What to Wear to a Casino

Short answer: This usually means wearing a collared shirt, dress pants, and dress shoes for men. A suit and tie are also acceptable. For women, options include a lovely dress, skirt, and blouse combination or dress pants and a blouse. Both men and women should avoid wearing shorts, sandals, athletic wear, or anything too casual or revealing.

Many people would be lost regarding what to wear when visiting a casino. Those who try to figure it out from movies can still go wrong. Movies will suggest that in casinos, all women wear elegant evening gowns, and men will have black-tie outfits; although dressed this way, stepping into a casino hotel during the daytime in Vegas, you will undoubtedly be overdressed. The dress code, or the lack thereof, depends on the country, the time of day, and the event.

Visiting a casino is a fun and exciting experience, but it’s essential to dress appropriately to feel comfortable and be allowed entry. While casino dress codes may vary, some general guidelines exist when choosing an outfit.

Casual wear

Americans, in general, are less formal nowadays than Europeans. In Las Vegas, most casinos are part of a hotel, and as soon as you enter the establishment, you are inside the casino, so making a dress code would not be possible. They cannot force people to wear formal outfits to the check-in desk.

As the climate of Nevada is hot most of the year, you will see people in shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops. This changes somewhat after 6 pm as more people will try to dress up for the evening. Generally, men who play table games wear dark suits while women wear cocktail dresses.


This is the most common dress code for casinos. Women must wear a cocktail dress, a dress, or a pantsuit, while men are expected to wear a dark business suit, dark shoes, and a tie.

For a daytime visit, men might get away with wearing a collared shirt, dark jeans, and leather shoes.

Black tie

The black-tie attire is usually required for events organized at the casino. Women should wear long evening dresses and intelligent shoes (preferably high heels), while the men’s casino attire consists of a white dress shirt, black bow tie, waistcoat, black dinner jacket, and black leather shoes. You can observe this outfit in one of the best casino movies ever, the Casino Royale!

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A subcategory of the black-tie outfit is called black-tie optional, and this is what you would see people wear most often at weddings in Hungary. It is a notch-less formal than a black tie, as women can wear short or medium-length cocktail dresses, and men don’t require a waistcoat or bow tie. This is the most common dress code that you will come across in casinos across Monaco and other European countries.

White tie

This category is the most formal for both men and women and is usually only required at private events that take place in a casino. Women must wear a long evening gown and unique accessories like tiaras, gloves, and hairpieces. Men must wear a white bow tie (hence the name), a white waistcoat, a black jacket with matching trousers, black leather shoes, a stiff-front white shirt, and accessories like cufflinks and shirt studs.

What to Wear When Visiting a Casino

By following these guidelines, you can put together an appropriate look, adhere to the dress code, and allows you to have an enjoyable experience at the casino. A great outfit can help you feel confident and comfortable while you enjoy the casino’s games, entertainment, and atmosphere.


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