Helping You to Grow Your Business to Achieve the Life you Deserve

BforB Delivers

Member Development

Professional and personal development through regular guest speakers and workshops.

Leadership roles

Leadership roles within BforB and supporting you in managing teams and KPIs


The opportunity to set goals and work with a support team to achieve and EXCEED your business and personal goals


Building a network of referral partners and strategic alliances to deliver real results


The opportunity to promote your business regularly to your virtual/extended sales team and online

BforB platforms

BforB App and online platforms for passing and receiving referrals instantly

Referral Academy

An online Referral Academy available 24/7 to dramatically improve your referral networking skills


Awards nights and regular social events, creating deeper relationships and recognition across the network.

supportive community

A place for you to grow your business as part of a like-minded, supportive business community


Development of special interest and sector based groups – women in business, health sector etc

quality referrals

And very importantly, a focus on quality referrals that will drive increased sales for you

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