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Hello & Welcome.  I'm Amanda Wright and it is a pleasure to meet you. Having worked in a range of industries such as Oil & Gas, Manufacturing & Transportation has been essential to my success as a Virtual Assistant. 

Would you like more time to focus on generating new business, completing the tasks you enjoy,  and getting that next big project. Rather than spending countless amounts of time on endless administrative tasks. Then it's time to seek help from an Virtual Assistant.

Partnering with an Virtual Assistant will save time, money and freedom. All those endless administrative tasks completed allowing fewer interruptions throughout the day.



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Leap into a better financial future

Quantum Financial Group likes the idea of keeping things simple. We work with a range of clients, from individuals through to small businesses and companies, so we make sure that we talk your language when we are explaining financial issues and tax matters.

Keeping things simple also means finding ways that you can do your part of this tax and financial process, without getting caught up in the complexity, confusion, and just plain frustration. We have the time saving and money saving solutions to help you develop strategies to grow your business, add to your wealth, and improve your lifestyle.

For those of you who run a business, you may be pleased and surprised to know that we offer more than just traditional tax and accounting work. We know you and your business so well, that it makes sense for us help you with your business development.

On the individual side, we are not just a tax preparer. Through our link to Professional Investment Services, we can offer financial advice.

All of our services have transparent fees, so that you know exactly what is involved. We are constantly evolving and developing to keep up with changing technical and regulation demands, but one thing that remains constant is our friendly and approachable staff.



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Accountant & Mortgage Broker

My business philosophy is the benefits to the client through synergies between two advisory services and the message needs to consistent in every media. 

At Rands Financial Services, we focus on our client's specific needs. Our vision is to achieve the client success and our business model is built with a one stop shop solution for to achieve our client's dreams.

Our comprehensive range of financial products which satisfies our client's dreams inclcud but not limited to;

  First Home Buyers

  • Property Investors

  • Refinancing

  • Debt Consolidation

  • Credit Impaired Clients

  • Investment Property Loans