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TIMG solve information management problems daily for thousands of businesses, large and small, in every major industry, across Australia and New Zealand.

At TIMG we help you discover the right information management solution to suit your business. Whether you are seeking an online backup system, physical archive and media storage or even a Document Management software with workflow solution to help manage your files. We also sell Computers & Accessories, File Folders & Stationary and even offer Scanning and Destruction Services.

We will work with you to source a smart solution that meets your budget, time-frame and vision.  As a national company with a 15 year track record in information management, TIMG offers a suite of services that are secure and streamlined. 

Get in touch with me today! I would love to learn more about your business and its potential needs! My phone number is 0422 412 228.



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At WhiteSpace we love to provide marketing services for our clients.

We educate our clients, give them ownership of their site, and are here to support them for the long haul. Marketing using your website, mobile sites, apps, social media and video is all about evolution and adaptation, so we help our clients understand how to roll with the changes.

Wherever possible, we find a way for our clients to get the most profile and business growth from their strategy, and we keep them up to date with how their online presence is going.

There one is a real bug bear for us – anyone can put buttons on a page, make something move, post on facebook, but if it doesn’t support the brand or the business objectives, then it is a waste of time. Simple. 

We want to help.  The world of marketing is there to be used to all our advantage. Contact us and watch it all happen.



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Essential Technologies Group is a progressive IT consultancy that partners with small-to-medium sized businesses across Australia delivering optimal security and performance.

We are leaders in flexibility, usability and support. Providers of solutions that are ‘fit-for-purpose’, Essential Tech works with clients to debunk the endless foray of IT lingo to first principles ensuring transparency and understanding.

With offices in Brisbane, we support a range of professional services industries by applying a considered understanding of all facets of your IT function, which equips our team to deliver pragmatic, effective solutions.


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Essential Technologies Group provides Technology as a Service to our customers. This can take many forms, from the simple provision of a desktop PC right through to the fit-out of a new site. We believe that Technology as a Service comprises of 3 main areas:


1. We can recommend and subsequently acquire any piece of technology that you require to operate your business. Whether you require phones, print, data, network, PCs, servers, cloud services, applications, interactive whiteboards, projectors, mobile phones, MDM, security services or any other aspect of workplace technology, we are optimally placed to assist.

2. Once procurement has taken place and stock appears on your doorstep in boxes, we can arrange project and deployment services to ensure that the boxes are converted into functional IT infrastructure. We have done many project ranging in scope from installing wireless access points to full internal and external technology fitouts.

3. Once you have deployed your solutions, we can proactively manage them for you, providing you with up to 10 times the insight that you would receive were you to reactively manage your devices, thus increasing operating efficiencies, removing unnecessary downtime, increasing awareness of impending failures so they can be mitigated before they happen and much more.

I enjoy taking on and analysing other people's business problems with a view to the delivery of tailored solutions encompassing one or more of the points above. I look forward to engaging with you.

What would be possible if you made twice as much money in half the time?

Jeremy has been a financial planner and entrepreneur since 1992. He has owned 12+ businesses (financial planning & retail). JB sold his businesses in 2010 to start business coaching full-time; showing other business owners how to work 24 hours a week instead of 50+ hours :)  

Author of several best-selling books, Jeremy is an advocate of work/life balance, outsourcing, having FUN and giving back to those in need. 

Jeremy works 24 hours a week business coaching from  

He maintains a financial interest in cryptocurrency education at  and supports education programs in Africa



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Calibre is a boutique real estate agency in Brisbane offering real estate management and residential sales consultancy. At Calibre we pride ourselves on being market innovators and our unique points of difference allow us to achieve a premium result by exposing your property to a wider audience, presented in the best possible light.


Selling a home is one of the biggest decisions most people will have to make in their lifetime and we understand the emotions involved. With this philosophy in mind, the Calibre team is dedicated to minimising the anguish of this process by delivering a level of service that is unmatched in the industry.


No two properties are alike, a one size fits all approach no longer works. Your investment faces a diverse range of challenges that require unique, and increasingly bespoke, solutions.


We have adopted modern and innovative concepts and solutions, providing maximum returns on your investment. Whether you are a hands-on owner or enjoy having peace of mind that everything is being taken care of, we tailor our management style to suit any level involvement.


If you're a property investor and would like to learn more about our award winning property management services visit the Property Management page on our website



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We are finance and mortgage brokers and our focus is helping you to find the right lending solution. Whether it is a new home or investment property, business lending or vehicle and equipment finance, we can help you. With over 50 years combined experience in finance, we will take time the to understand your personal or business situation and tailor a solution that meets your needs now and into the future. With so many products from so many lenders, it can be quite daunting to find the right loan. You don’t need to worry about this because we do all the work of negotiating with the various lenders to give you the best choices.


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Hope Legal is a Brisbane based personal legal services firm combing legal expertise with commercial realities.


Hope Legal aims to assist practitioners understand how equitable relief may be available when legal remedy is insufficient or inadequate in some way. As a legal system, Equity is a body of law that addresses concerns that fall outside the jurisdiction of Common Law. We provide advice to those who discharge debts on behalf of others and how creditors and others may recover this money.


The principal, Neil Hope has been in practice in QLD since 1981. He has over 30 years' experience. In 2000 Neil went back to University as a postgraduate student and now has two Masters of Law, one of those in the field of commercial law.



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Patrick Lally established Pat Lally Plumbing & Gas Fitting to branch out and bring a fresh light to the plumbing and gas industry.

Pat Lally Plumbing & Gas Fitting services all aspects of the plumbing and gas industry. We professionally provide a competitive edge in today’s market, while adding a personable and honest approach to our work.

We aim to establish long-lasting relationships with you by providing exceptional services and ensuring all their needs are met.

Customer satisfaction is the foundation of Pat Lally Plumbing. Our mission is to exceed your expectations, and be recognised as a leading provider in the plumbing and gas fitting industry.

Pat Lally Plumbing incorporates updated technology and databases to ensure our future is long-running and prosperous.

We are licenced and registered as listed below so you can be assured that your work will be done to the highest standard.

  • Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) 
  • Master Plumbers Association Queensland (MPAQ) 
  • Gas Work Licence 
  • Restricted Electrical Work Licence 
  • Plumbing and Drainage Licence 
  • Solar and Heat Pump Endorsed 
  • Back Flow Endorsed 
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve Endorsed

Give us a call today to see how we can help you!

Salt Story Studio helps individuals, organisations and entrepreneurs share their worlds with local and global audiences by producing unique film and creative projects. We move with ease between different worlds to tell the stories of bush, boardroom and everything in between.

Our carefully crafted content is ideal for promotion, advocacy and engagement, and our educational workshop series inspires innovative learning by combining environment-based storytelling with the latest technology.



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Providing holistic solutions around making smarter financial decisions for your future.

Do you want to:

- travel more both domestically or internationally.
- reduce working hours
- spend more time with your kids or grand kids
- reduce your debt
- upgrade your home
- retire from work

What ever your goals are we can help you through:

- managing your cashflow
- how to reduce your debt
- how to invest your super to maximise returns or help preserve your super.
- do you wish to run your super through a SMSF
- putting in personal insurance plan to protect you and your loved ones in the event you suffered a injury, illness or death.
- creating wealth to ensure you have sufficient assets in the event your goal is to retire and it lasts the length of your retirement.
- ensuring that your your assets go to your intended beneficiaries in the event you pass away.
- doing strategies that help minimise tax so you keep more of the proceeds.
- assist to maximise any centrelink benefits.

If this sounds of interest to you please don't hesitate to contact me to see if we can help you achieve your dreams.



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