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At AHS we help our clients make smart, long-term financial decisions that put their minds at ease and change their lives. We believe that you will find us to be a dynamic business which provides tailored advice to enable you to own your own destiny.

Services we provide include:

  • Tax Minimisation Strategies
  • Super Review
  • Investment Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Centrelink Maximisation
  • Aged Care Advice / Retirement Village
  • Estate Planning
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Insurance
  • Debt Reduction Strategies


It’s not every day you come across a freelance digital marketing service that is completely dedicated to online marketing and the best tools to get your business on the first page of search engines.

More importantly, your business goals are about getting conversions in sales, sign-ups or to have your clients/customers contact you. When it comes to online marketing, nothing else compares to the prime movers of great sales copy, highly targeted search engine marketing and quality search engine optimisation.


Our business promotion services provide a cost effective system that drives more customers to your business, while reducing your annual advertising spend.

The services provided by Liberty Marketing are proven online strategies used to target your customers that are
searching for your products and are either comparing the market via reviews or are ready to make a purchase.

Liberty Marketing specialises in 4 essential ingredients needed so your potential buying customers can find your business by searching online via PC,Tablet or Phone. Without the 4 essential ingredients of web design, copywriting, SEO and targeted search engine marketing your online visibility is certainly limited.


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Established in 1856, Hodges is one of Melbourne’s oldest real estate agents with an unmatched wealth of accrued expertise and local market knowledge in the communities where it operates. With over 13 offices and more than 170 highly motivated and results-driven employees, each passionate about what they do, their local area and the success of their clients, Hodges is able to offer a full service solution that delivers on identifying and maximising your property’s potential.

Adam is a Director of Hodges Ascot Vale.

It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that real estate is in Adam’s DNA. His family has been in the local real estate business for more than 40 years, the last 10 of which have seen him take a hands-on role across all aspects of the operation.

With vast experience in residential sales, Adam’s expertise extends to managing Hodges’ rental business, with an impressive talent to work with landlords, vendors and tenants to achieve harmonious outcomes for all.

It’s this personal touch that’s seen Adam maintain outstanding long-term relationships, delivering top-shelf returns for landlords and building lasting connections with all stakeholders.

When you begin your journey with Adam, he is with you all the way, personally guiding clients through every step of the journey.

Enthusiastic and driven, Adam is a highly approachable and easy-going member of the team and relishes the opportunity to achieve great results for his clients.

A talented junior footballer, having played at the TAC Cup level, you can find Adam out on the paths and tracks around Moonee Valley most days taking in a relaxing run or ride.

With unbridled enthusiasm and a breadth of experience in all aspects of real estate, Adam is ready to exceed your expectations.



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Whether you’re purchasing your first home, your next property or re-financing, Own Home Loans does more than just find you the right mortgage.

We stay with you for the whole journey, helping you Own your Home, Own your Life, and Own your Future.

Mortgage broking is a valuable service to ensure you get a great home loan. Own Home Loans goes further to make sure you achieve your dreams.

Like other good mortgage brokers, Own Home Loans also:

  • Gives you access to our expertise in finance
  • Researches and finds you the most appropriate loan for your situation
  • Always puts your interests above our own
  • Puts the right structures in place for your loan
  • Has streamlined processes that gets your loan through the lender systems
  • Makes sure you’re kept informed every step of the way
  • Makes the process as smooth as possible
  • And we are passionate about what we do!
  • Ensures there is no charge to our customers for any of our services


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Techseek provides a wide range of services to Small to Medium sized businesses, understanding their needs and providing our special business class membership:

Business Class Membership

From as little as $145 per month, access your own tech who will work through any IT related issues and help you manage the technology systems needed to support changing business demands. Perfect for smaller organisations that rely on technology to get their job done. Rather than only contacting a technician for critical troubleshooting, our membership keeps your business running smoothly. Accumulated hours are invoiced monthly and can be rolled over if un-used, helping you to manage your work and cash flow.

We provide a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Small business IT support
  • PC repairs and upgrades
  • MAC repairs and upgrades
  • Internet and network setup
  • Web & email hosting services
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Backup and data recovey



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Equipment, Motor and Corporate Finance Group is a new equipment finance broker based in Victoria, but able to deal nationally.

Our goal is to provide high quality service in order to assist clients in obtaining finance that will help them grow their businesses whilst maintaining cash flow and maximizing tax effectiveness.  We have access to a full panel of lenders, allowing us to match clients' needs and strengths to the strengths of our lenders.

In addition to Commercial Finance we are able to draw on our relationships with corporate sales managers at dealerships nationally to offer a vehicle buying service.  I can organize fleet pricing for clients looking to buy a new car.  Even if you do not require finance (or finance through us) I can still make sure that you are getting a great price on a new car without you having to invest time and effort to get it. 

Equipment, Motor and Corporate Finance Group is a fully accredited member of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) the peak industry body in our industry.  This gives us access to resources and professional development to make sure that we conduct ourselves according to recognized best practices.

At Bayberry & Weir Legal we want to form long term, collaborative relationships with our clients so that we can provide them with superior legal services, and proactive solutions customised to their needs. We do this by working together with our clients to ensure we understand their goals, values and motivations.

We spend time understanding their WHY because we believe this gives us the insight we need to provide them with proactive, innovative and pragmatic legal solutions geared towards achieving their goals. Unlike traditional law firms, we’re focussed on our clients’ interests and successes and see ourselves as an extension of their business.

When our Principal, Amanda Weir, established Bayberry & Weir Legal, she did so with a vision of collaborating and partnering with clients not only to solve their personal and commercial legal issues, but to work with them in forward planning for their success. We listen, we ask the right questions and we provide an innovative perspective to provide dynamic, sound legal solutions.



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Welcome to Kiss Print Services

At Kiss, everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo.    We believe every organisation, large or small, should be treated with equal care and attention, and commitment to service.

We do this very simply.  We employ the very best people, Provide the very best technologies; combined with the best finance offerings, to provide outstanding customer experiences in every engagement.

KISS Print Services – Keeping It Simple

To many Australian businesses, photocopiers and printers often seem to be money-eating machines. There are the acquisition costs – whether you rent, buy or lease a photocopier – followed by ongoing maintenance and operating costs.

So what if we told you we could actually save you money every time you print?

The directors of KISS PS have more than 25 years of combined experience across all industries. Having dealt with the major suppliers of photocopiers in Melbourne and across Australia, we are in a privileged position to have a thorough understanding of the industry landscape.



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"It's not personal, it's just business"...

Not when the subject is your small business - there couldn't be anything more personal.

We look at improving the overall performance of your small business; whether it's a cafe, restaurant, salon or gym.

Navigating the daily challenges of small business can be daunting and overwhelming. With our guidance and support, we work closely with you and provide the clarity and structure you're looking for using evidence based strategies and tools.

We specialise in leadership, human resources, and strategic planning to provide your small business an efficient and sustainable blueprint for success.

With a background and experience in small business and hospitality, we believe - It's not just business - it's personal.


Contact : MARK ANILE

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At Driving Fitness “we believe in creating unique and life changing opportunities.” We are an integrated health club with superior knowledge in physiotherapy, injury rehabilitation and CrossFit training methodology. We have services and experience in many aspects of health and fitness so we can accommodate for all patients who come to see us.

Our physiotherapy services provide modern hands on techniques to improve pain related to muscle and joint injuries, sporting injuries and post operative rehabilitation. We initially set clear and obtainable goals so that your road to recovery is mapped out for you, we take out all the guess work and give you a clear diagnosis. This is then coupled with up to date and modern hands on techniques to reduce your complaints.

Our physiotherapy services can also be extended into 45 minute to 1 hour rehabilitation sessions. This is basically a session focused around specific rehabilitation for your condition. This usually involves our Athletic Screening which analyses your whole body for range of motion discrepancies and muscle imbalances.  Some of our patient conditions include chronic lower back pain, shoulder rotator cuff pain and knee pain. To make a physiotherapy appointment please call our physiotherapy clinic on 03 9331 1918

We also cater for the fitness enthusiast with personalized as well as group CrossFit classes. We can understand how CrossFit has gotten a bad reputation over the past few years, however we do things a bit differently at our facility. First of all our classes have a maximum capacity of 5 people so you can be assured of plenty of 1:1 time with the head coach. As a part of our coaching team we have a physiotherapist who has a solid background in CrossFit training. Lastly we only focus on fundamental and safe movements patterns, if your technique is faulty or unsafe we have a keen eye to identify it and will pull you up on it.