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GDI Small Business Hub - for business owners

Our business hub provides a range of professional services for business owners. Saving you time by having access to many services in one place.


Knowledge and Experience

Our knowledge and experience will provide you with the solutions that will allow your business to grow, have success and provide you with peace of mind.

Allowing you to  ... SAVE TIME, REDUCE STRESS

  • Bookkeeping – recordkeeping, expenditures against budget, clients invoiced correctly, payroll is correct, making better.
  • Business Benchmark – your business, understand your industry, improving your bottom line, exceed your competition.
  • Cash Flow Management - manage your business cash flow, cash is really king.
  • Email Marketing Management – target messages to the right people at the right time, boot customer retention and increase revenue.
  • Instructional eLearning Design – allowing your employees and clients to learn anytime, any place.
  • Leadership Training – create and deliver an inspiring vision, motivate, inspire and coach others to reach that vision.
  • LEAN Management – implement automation of processes and workplace efficiencies.
  • Operations Management – maximise safety and operational efficiencies within your business
  • Social Media Management – let you business social, be a leader, not a follower.
  • Website Design – expand and grow your business with a dynamic visual online presence.

Your business solutions are with our business services!


Contact : NOEL BOTHA

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Thexton Dodd Consulting provides a total service to Business Consultants wishing to provide consulting services to Business Owner/ Managers so that they can improve the Profit / Growth and Value of their business.

We do this by completing a business diagnostic to identify where the opportunities are for additional income across 11 core areas of your business.  

We then apply our business success programme to transform your business whether to Rescue, Improve or Grow your business.

The Business Success Programme provides a structured framework to deliver the income you want from your business.

We will help you succeed.

As Finance Broker I can assist with obtaining property finance for a new home or if you are looking to finance a business I am able to assist with that too.  Having started with a business banking background in 2000 I have a wide range of knowledge in different areas of finance. 

I can assist with; 

* Residential home purchases; 

* Refinances and equity release; 

* Commercial building purchases; 

* Business purchases (existing & start up)

* Business finance (overdrafts, etc)

* Vehicle finance 

* Equipment (yellow goods, trucks, tailers, computer equip, fitouts, etc)

I work with my clients to help them achieve their desired outcome.