Are you looking for a friendly, dynamic and fun group which offers structure without too much pressure, to generate introductions to people across many industries, to businesses you would not normally meet, generating quality referrals and potential strategic alliances for your business to improve profitability and growth? Plus, inspiring and growing you as an individual to create whole new possibilities for your life?


BforB is a welcoming group, part of a proven international system that meets fortnightly at either breakfast or lunch with our meetings structured specifically to generate quality referrals, business opportunities and potential strategic alliances for professional and quality businesses.

BforB provides you with a supportive, likeminded business community with a sense of belonging, to enable you to develop a network you know, like and trust through ongoing business relationships. Plus, BforB helps you to learn and improve your pitching, networking, marketing and business skills, enabling you to grow personally.

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Testimonials from our Members

  • Ewan McKenzie

    Since joining BforB I have developed some extremely valuable relationships with other local businesses, all of whom are now an important part of my marketing mix. Within the first 3 months of being a member I generated approximately $40,000 worth of income directly from referrals given to me by other BforB members. In addition to the financial benefits I have gained since joining my fortnightly breakfast group, I have also learnt a considerable amount from other co-members through their various presentations and one-to-one meetings. If anyone is looking for a relaxed and enjoyable referral networking group to join, I would highly recommend taking a look at what BforB has to offer.

    Ewan McKenzie, Director, BOLT Marketing

  • Lana Mastop

    BforB has been a great investment for us on many levels. By spending time in one to one meetings with members and guests, we started to realise that our website was not as clear as we thought it was. We surveyed clients who also confirmed this view, analysed the feedback and quickly invested in the redesign of our website.

    Lana Mastop, Marketing Communications Consultant, Digital Exchange

BforB: by the numbers

Information and key stats for the last financial year:
Average number of contacts of each BforB member locally, nationally and internationally
The total dollar value of the largest referral received so far in Australia
£40 million
The largest referral received in BforB internationally